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Why Use Portable Infrared Relax Sauna to Detox Your Body


Toxins are in soils
, water, air & thus our bodies.

We are especially exposed to out-gassing plastics and household products.  We take in very potent herbicides and pesticides, as well as environmental PBC's and dioxins in very minute traces.

CHEMICAL LOWDOWN: We collectively absorb at least 250,000 synthetic chemicals dumped upon our environment, of which 20,000 according to the EPA, cannot  be metabolized. As we absorb these toxins, they can seriously disturb our bodies in countless ways.

HEAVY METALS: 1 in 4 Americans suffer from heavy metal poisoning.  Our bodies store these heavy metals (such as lead, zinc, mercury, nickel, and cadmium) and traces of acids, nicotine, and lots of cholesterol.  

SERIOUSLY AFFECTING 80%+: The CDC (US Center for Disease Control) estimates over 80% of Americans suffer from enviro-triggered ailments based on a  
sample of 2500 tested subjects  and the US Geological Survey also tested 291 US streams and found a stunning 100% mercury contamination of fish!

10,000 chemicals are routinely employed in food processing and storage, 3,000 in foods directly, and 700 potently pollute our drinking water. The greatest risk comes really from super-toxins, like DDT, that remain in fat deposits for countless decades. Of the 20,000 chemicals not well metabolized, approximately 1,000 toxic chemicals pose serious health risks.

Every year the US EPA studies tissue samples and finds traces of  chemicals like DDT in 100% of the human samples! According to Columbia University's School of Public Health, 95% of cancers are caused by such impacts. The problem is epidemic. For more information, see the National Geographic's Pollution Within. 

  Some American Indians used sweat lodges for regular detoxification. We brush teeth and take showers daily, why neglect a body detox, a deeper cleaning on a regular basis. 


We each have about 3 million sweat glands in our bodies. This makes our skin the single largest detox organ. It assists and relieves the working strain on other detox organs: our liver, pancreas, lungs, and kidneys. If we detox our body, especialy our skin, we thus help to detox these organs to function better, and therefore our body as a whole.

We recommend to everyone to take a regular, daily home sauna. Drinking 2 cups of water or a health drink before helps flush out the toxins.  Also please don't leave your home sauna to rush off to work, if you can help it, or just as you start to really sweat. As tests have shown, pollution begins in the fluids of the womb and we thus need to eliminate accumulated toxic chemical deposits. This takes months for a detoxification of the synthetic chemicals lodged deeply in our cells and body fluids.  If comfortable, allow a full 5-10 minutes of profuse sweating.

We recommend the portable, infrared


for its many health benefits. 



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