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Karen Russell, MA, HHC Gerontologist, recounts her experience with RELAX SAUNA:

 I discovered that I had extremely high levels of heavy metal toxicity...Quite by accident, while I was ..talking to one of the MDs who was lecturing about detox...She recommended...your model…. I was so amazed that after only about a month...not only did my labs show my heavy metals were now normal, but I discovered that my cellulite was dramatically improved. Within a few months of daily use, my skin texture dramatically changed... It was nothing short of amazing… and my fat has gone down from 38% to 20%...To say thanks a million would be an understatement.”

Dr. Sherry Rogers, author of Detoxify or Die states that infrared saunas are:

Safer and infinitely more tolerable..triggering mobilization of chemicals from subcutaneous fat storage directly into the sweat."

David Steinmanauthor of Diet for a Poisoned Planet

“The most important breakthrough today for detox and health is to do daily far infrared saunas. Heat therapy is probably the most important avenue for detox for abundant health today.” 

     Drs. Michael A. Schmidt, et. al. in Beyond Antibiotics write:

"Saunas are being stimulate the release of toxins from...patients. They have found that a lower temperature (105-130 F) sauna taken for a longer duration is most beneficial. These low temperatures stimulate a fat sweat, which eliminates toxins stored in fat, as opposed to the high temperature sauna, which encourages a water sweat."

      Dr. Toshio Yamazaki, MD,  author of The Scientific Basis For Far Infrared Ray Therapy gives many clinical accounts, among them:



      " A young 7 year old boy who was seriously burnt before his visit to me. Thick, dark red scars remained in his chest, wrist and chin. I used far infrared ray therapy on him...thirty minutes every day for 24 days. After the 24th treatment, his scars have almost disappeared." 



      "A former wrestler...had...stomach cancer. Moreover, since he was over 70 years old...was told...he had only 3 more months to live. Because of his obesity, we considered weight reduction. While watching a balanced diet, he underwent far infrared sauna treatment, losing 45 lbs in 2 months. Furthermore...the tumor got smaller in 2 months, and his stomach pains were reduced within a few days.... As a result of continued treatment in the clinic for one year, he was well enough to be discharged." 

G. E. Poesnecker, ND, DC , author of It's Only Natural 

"Photobiotherapy (FIR) will become one of the premier healing tools of our future. It will eliminate the need for many of today's common surgical procedures. I can see the day when every household in the country will have a (FIR) unit on is a safe, effective, natural tool that can enhance...the body's own innate healing powers."

Dr. D. J. Fletcher, in Warming Up to FIR (Jan 2001, Alternative Medicine Magazine) outlines FIR benefits:

"The biggest news in FIR [Far-InfraRed] technology is its application to the evolving science of detoxification....Several published studies have now shown that this hyperthermic [sauna] therapy can bring about the rapid removal of a wide range of toxic substances from the human body."



RELAX SAUNA can be used for just 15-20 minutes for health benefits. To absorb these benefits we recommend yourelax and breathe deeply while in the sauna:

To aide relaxation, you can read a book or other materials or listen to music (turn on your I-Pod). Two zippered pockets allow your hands to hold something comfortably outside the portable infrared sauna.

BREATHE I keep my head mostly out of he sauna without diminishing the sweat. In this way one can breathe fresh air. Wood and steam saunas sometimes require fresh air to be pumped in. 

RELAX SAUNA health benefits then begin, giving a sweat comparable to a 45 minute cardio workout. 

Research shows that the infrared sauna's health benefits naturally start at the body's surface levels. Within a few weeks your skin sheen, lymph and blood circulation will improve. Then deeper systemic healing kicks in. Below is a partial list of the health conditions, clinically shown to have been helped
. After using RELAX SAUNA, let us know what conditions were benefited or reversed.

Abrasions, acne, adhesions, blackheads, body odor, boils, burns, early onset baldness, cellulite, collagen tissue extensibility, cuts, dental gum diseases, eczema,  edema, hemorrhoids, keloids, lacerations, lactation problems, lesions, numbness, obesity, pimples, psoriasis, radiation exposure, scars, shingles, soft tissue injuries, stretch marks, sun burn (and other skin and beauty ailments), tumors, ulcers, and weight problems, including anorexia.

Aches and pain, Alzheimer's, arthritis, back and spinal pain, bladder infections, bone loss, bone spurs, brain contusions, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Chrone's disease, colds, cystitis, depression, dementia, ear infections,  endometriosis, fibromyalgia,  flexibility impediments,  flu,  fractures, gastritis, general infections and inflammations, gout, inflexibility, injuries, joint stiffness, lumps, mastitis, memory loss, muscle (crams, strains, spasms, pains, tension, tiredness), nephritis, nervous disorders (neuritis, neuropathy, stress, tension), pneumonia, prostrate inflammations, Reynaud's syndrome, renal infections, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, spinal compression/factures/weakness/pain, stress, skeletal stiffness, swollen glands, tinnitus (plus other eye, ear, nose infections), TMJ arthritis, and whiplash.

Anemia, arterial and venal diseases, bends, blood flow impediments, blood pressure – high and low, brain and nerve damage, cardio conditioning, clotting, cold hands and feet, cholesterol, heart disease, leukemia, strokes, varicose veins, and viscous/coagulated blood.

Acidosis, addictions (including drug and smoking), asthma and bronchial ailments, auto-immune ailments like sjogren syndrome, cancerous conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and blood sugar ailments, digestive tract or gastroenteric diseases, endocrine malfunctions, immune system depression, insomnia, jaundice, leukorrhea, lung/pulmonary illness, menopause, radiation sickness and tissue toxicity/acidity


DIABETIC ULCERS - We have cases typically clearing up their leg ulcers in 7-8 weeks using 
RELAX SAUNA’s technology.

 - These can be relieved, due to the body’s unloading of toxic wastes,  especially heavy metals.
RELAX SAUNA's far infrared treatments will aide the deep healing of injuries simply because of the increased blood flow and oxygenation of injured tissues and cells.

INSOMNIA - Some throw away their sleeping pills after briefly using 
RELAX SAUNA and sleep like a baby with a daily wellness sauna treatment.

PERSISTENT SKIN CONDITIONS - See your skin conditions disappear with regular RELAX SAUNA infrared heat applications.

WEIGHT CHALLENGES - Also we see pounds melt away with each use of the portable 
RELAX SAUNA or we see their weight normalize. Your %  body fat will change simply through a persistent daily use of the portable infrared sauna.

 - A daily sauna detox wilth 
RELAX SAUNA will help to normalize blood pressure and flow or assist one with a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

HEAVT METAL TOXICITY - There is much documented evidence on the release of mercury, lead, alluminum, and cadmium after periods of regular infrared sauna use. Infrared saunas relieve the deep toxic/acid overload of  our body's cells, including what is held most deeply in our lung, liver, colon and kidney tissues. Daily sauna therapy with 
RELAX SAUNA may help prevent cancers (cancer cells are often heat sensitive) while also supporting our immune systems.

GENERAL STRESS - Even if you have no chronically ill condition, regular infrared saunas will help you relieve normal daily stresses. Treatments before a massage will help relax mucles as you “melt” on the massage table. Having a self-induced “sauna massage” or other pampering efforts (like taking a soothing shower, skin brushing and using essential oils) can all make us feel at ease in our new spa “relax heaven."


Pulmonary         49 million
Arthritis               47 million 
Vascular              37 million
Mental                  30 million
Heart /Cardio     19 million
Diabetes              14 million
Cancers               11 million
Stroke                   2 million

2/3rds of USA population

Souce: Miliken Institute. Arthritis statistics from CDC: 

Don't become part of the millions of sufferers from chronic conditions. 





Dr. Andréa Adams of the Institute of Holistic Healing states: "Sweat formed in conventional saunas is 95-97% water. In FIR saunas... 80-85% of the sweat is composed of water; the remaining 15-20 % consists of cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid."  Toxins are then released by far infrared saunas which are absent when the sweat is produced elsewhere.

Sherry Rogers, MD in her text, Detoxify Or Die, noted this especially for phthalates, a common toxin in plastics. 

However, most high-end, 100% far infrared saunas are expensive (several thousands dollars). Yet every household should have a sauna because of the toxic world we live in. RELAX SAUNA helps break the existing price barriers by offering only 100% far infrared sauna that is also portable and relatively affordable.

 RELAX SAUNA will make a sizeable health difference in your family's life.

We sincerely encourage you to get one of these detox tools, reaping the healing benefits of a portable, 100% far infrared home sauna. Create your own a home spa experience.  


 Curative Case of Far Infrared Ray on Stasis Dermatitis

Doctors wanted to transplant skin of this 68 year-old with Statis Dermatitis, a disease caused by poor circulation. However, Dr. CHANG ZHAO JIE od Bo Tai Dermatology Hospital had an alternative plan to treat the root circulation problem. He employed far infrared rays and showed impressive improvement that avoided the transplant.







Internal Use:


External Use:

Cleaning of wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of Far Infrared (FIR) for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

7 × 4 cm wound
sizeFirst Ulcer Pic



Internal Use:

External Use:

Cleaning of wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

7 × 4 cm
wound sizeSecond Ulcer Pic

6 days after Feb.18, some changes took place around the wound; the skin around the wound started to grow.



Internal Use:

External Use:

Clean wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

5 × 3 cmThird Ulcer Pic


From Feb. 26 to Mar. 9, the wound healed gradually reducing from 7 × 4 cm to 5 × 3 cm in 11 days.




Internal Use:


External Use:

Cleaning of wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

3 × 2 cmFourth Ulcer Picture


From Mar. 10 to Mar. 13, the wound healed further reducing to 3 × 2 cm in 4 days.




Internal Use:

External Use:

Cleaning of wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

3 × 2 cmfifth ulcer picture




Internal Use:

External Use:

To clean the wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

2 × 2 cm6th Ulcer Pciture




Internal Use:

External Use:

Cleaning of wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

2 × 1.5 cm Seventh Ulcer Picturre




Internal Use:

External Use:

Cleaning of wound with normal saline, 0.9% and iodine first.

Followed by irradiation of FIR for 20 minutes at a distance of 20~25 cm.

0.5 × 0.5 cm8th Ulcer Picture



The above had been treated with the usual treatment for more than a year in other hospitals without any improvement. Far infrared rays were applied for 20 minutes daily and the wound healed. The life cycle (period for skin cells to reproduce) is approximately 28 days.




Toxins are EVERYWHERE (in soil, water, air & our bodies).

This includes our exposures to out-gassing plastics and household products.  We take in very potent herbicides and pesticides, as well as even environmental PBC's and dioxins in very minute traces. 

CHEMICAL LOWDOWN -  We have the impact of 250,000 or more synthetic chemicals in our environment, of which 20,000 according to the EPA, cannot  be metabolized well. As we absorb these toxins, they may seriously disturb our metabolism or be carcinogenic. 

HEAVY METALS 1 in 4 Americans suffer from heavy metal poisoning.  Our bodies store these heavy metals (such as lead, zinc, mercury, nickel, and cadmium) and traces of various acids, nicotine, and lots of cholesterol.  

AFFECTING 80% - The CDC (US Center for Disease Control) estimates 80% of Americans suffer from enviro-triggered ailments. The CDC's sample of 2500 tested subjects US Geological Survey also tested 291 streams nationwide and stunningly found mercury contamination in a 100% of fish examined!

10,000 chemicals are used in food processing/storage, 3,000 in foods, and 700 remain to pollute drinking water. The greatest risk comes from super-toxins, like DDT, that remain in fat deposits for decades. Of the 20,000 chemicals not well metabolized, about a 1,000 pose serious health risks.

Carcinogens were found in 100% of an EPA biopsy and breath tests study! According to Columbia University's School of Public Health, 95% of cancers are caused by such impacts as the problems are hugely epidemic. For more information, see the National Geographic's Pollution Within.  

  Some American Indians used sweat lodges for regular purification. We brush teeth and take showers daily, why neglect such deeper cleaning. 


We each have about 3 million sweat glands in our bodies making our skin the single largest detox organ. It assists and relieves the working strain put on other partner detox organs: our liver, lungs, and kidneys. If we detox our skin, we help to detox the body as a whole.

We recommend drinking 2 cups of water or a health drink a few minutes before your sauna, and don't leave the home sauna just as you start to sweat.  If comfortable, allow a full 5-10 minutes of profuse sweating.


COSTS - RELAX SAUNA initially gives you a much lower purchase price than competitive 100% far infrared saunas.Then there are lower maintenance costs as well.

EFFECTIVENESS, COMFORT & SAFETY RELAX SAUNA's 100% far infrared rays will heat tissues to create 2-3 times more sweat, with up to 10x greater detox effects, while using lower temperatures to make the use comfortable. Known to be safe for all ages.

PORTABILITY & MAINTENANCE - Fully portable, easy to pack up and reinstall, simple to clean, odorless.

HEALTH & BEAUTY BENEFITS - Researchers have found many health benefits. A home sauna treatment, 15 minutes or more, will burn calories via the bodies' effort to sweat, raising the metabolic rate, the conditioning cardiovascular health. It will also stimulate the immune system, detox more deeply, and aide your skin's beauty and glow.

TECHNOLOGY - Advanced microchips and continuous fan optimizes infrared effect.

FOR THE BUSY PERSON - Time efficient. Great if your time is most valuable to you.

FOR THE ACTIVE/INACTIVE - Multiple benefits for all lifestyles. Q&A section addresses athletes.


There are simple ways to self-test a far infrared sauna using the following meters and/or supplies:

APPLE - FIR Heat will penetrate by at least 1 in (3 cm). Cut open an apple that you've heated in the sauna to check.

 - Many health stores have acid/alkaline testing strips. If you are sweating out lots of toxins, your fluids will be more acidic after the sauna.

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids meter offers another way to test the toxins removed.

GAUSS - This meter tests for EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). RELAX SAUNA should show about the equivalent of an office copy machine or printer.

TEMPERATURE - A simple oven thermometer will read 110-140 F degrees (43-60 C) in RELAX SAUNA.

WATT - This tests the wattage of heaters.

ORP - This gives an "oxidation reduction test "where a negative reading shows alkalinity and a positive reading acidity.

HOW YOU FEEL - Infrared rays are gentler. Being sensitive I can feel the difference.

For about a $100 you can buy most of the above testing aides: Ph strips, TDS, Gauss, Thermo, Watt, and ORP meters.




         Sauna Chip Heaters and Controller         CONTROLLER    
       Picture of  Ceramic Computer Chip (Left)  Heaters & Controller (middle) & Controller (Right)

Our portable home sauna comes with two ceramic sauna heaters with an updated double-switch controller box (the picture on the right shows the earlier single-switch controller). This turns each sauna heater on and off separately.

The ceramic does not conduct electricity but just radiates infrared rays. The semiconductor creates a resistance that transforms electricity into heat. They heat up in less than a minute, compared to 5 minutes plus for other portable infrared saunas, and 20 minutes for wood saunas. The two switches control the heater's timing: 0-30 minutes for each.

Each wellness sauna heater contains 20 computer chips (40 in two heaters) to produce 100% far infrared rays. The advanced microchips regulate the electric current to equalize heat flow and keep the temperature throughout. The unique semiconductor microchip technology was reviewed by the FDA for safety/effectiveness when used in the lamp format.

RELAX SAUNA takes this technology to the next step.


Tent2 Circulation 2Circulation 3

RELAX SAUNA's tent allows the heat to be kept in and to rotate smoothly. Imbedded in the material and in the outer layer is a silver stitching that reflects rays throughout. You absorb more heat this way while the cover reflects it back causing the rays to circulate.

RELAX SAUNA also will not absorb sweat, smells, stains, bacteria, mildew or mold buildups.

It is therefore easier to clean and maintain. We recommend you keep your infrared sauna inside, in a dry room, as the home sauna is not designed for outside use. Many apparently beautiful wood saunas turn black inside after a couple of years use or as moisture affects them. This is something the salesman won't tell you!


 uses only 1500 watts, similar to a home heater. The lie-down sauna uses a 1000 watts heater.



Each sit up sauna kit from RELAX SAUNA comes a comfortable chair to relax in. 


RELAX SAUNA's popular sit up sauna kit has a relatively large height 45” (or 114 cm) enough to accommodate a tall person. The footprint is 32 in square or 81 cm which again accomodates all. Oterh FIR sauna kits may be 10% smaller. The lie down sauna kit is 64x30x18 inches (162x76x45 cm).


We tested our RELAX SAUNA  heater’s surface temperature at an average of about 175 F (80 C) and the interior at 105-115 F (43-46 C) or just right for optimal sweating and cardiovascular conditioning. This is far less than the uncomfortable 175-200 F (80-95 C) degrees of a steam sauna. RELAX SAUNA has heat that is also evenly distributed using a unique “whirlwind” technology and a reflective cover. If you want to adjust the sauna’s heat, you can customize it by unzipping the two small side pockets, (which are 2-8 inch or 5-20 cm wide). Or you can turn off one of the two infrared heaters. 


RELAX SAUNA kits have only three-pronged plugs at the end of a 5 foot length cord. The power source is 100-120v (60Hz)  and 220-240v (50Hz) which can be used worldwide. The adaptor for UK and Australia is available upon request.  


Each RELAX SAUNA portable infrared sauna kit
 comes with a one year guarantee.  


With RELAX SAUNA we offer a 30-day return policy if you are not completely satisfied with your new sauna.


RELAX SAUNA has two fans that allow the far infrared energy to be continuously distributed. These fans prevent the micro circuitry of our portable infrared sauna from overheating and thus maintain the ever comfortable feel of the RELAX SAUNA home sauna spa experience.



RELAX SAUNA is designed for optimal safety. That is why this technology of our portable home sauna is used even in baby incubators. Our advanced sauna has earned in Europe both the CB certificate  (European Conformity) and the more stringent CS (In Germany the Geprufte Sicherheit) certificate  for safety. 


Unlike a wooden health sauna which take 20 minutes or more to pre-heat (and then more time to start a good sweat) the 
RELAX SAUNAallows you to be in and out IN A FLASH!

In our infrared sauna it usually takes 10-20 minutes altogether.  Stay in longer, and you are extra-dripping wet all over with a very thorough and deep sweat. The time controller limits each FIR sauna session to up to 30 minutes although you can reset it. This maximizes the sauna health benefits of our portable and unique infrared home sauna.



EASY TO MOVE & TRAVEL WITH - RELAX SAUNA is lightweight and folds up easily. It can be moved whenever necessary. It folds into a convenient carrying case that holds the two heaters, controller, cord, and tent. The portable FIR sauna’s case simply fits everything but the chair which can be carried in your other hand. As a result, the portable sauna can be taken on trips - whether by car or plane, ship or train. 

- Alternatively it is as easily shipped by common carriers, even the post office. 

LIGHTWEIGHT - Our wellness sauna kit weighs about 19 pounds (9 kg) as a whole and the chair 8 pounds (3.6 kg) more.  You can take this healing portable infrared sauna to a friend’s house, hotel, or simply the next room or where ever you want. It takes barely 2-3 minutes to set up and/or pack up the whole thing!  

COMPACT SIZE - RELAX SAUNA's sit up sauna kit 
comes with a carrying case that is 32 inches long (81 cm) about half that wide and 26 inches tall (66 cm). It will  easy to fit in the back of a car or airline overhead. Set-up (and take-down instructions) comes with the unit as pictured below.


Whenever you want a sauna, whether in the morning before jump starting your day or in the evening just before you retire (to sleep soundly), sit comfortably in your RELAX SAUNA chair, zip up, and in just 10 minutes you start sweating profusely.  It can’t get better than, why we recommend RELAX SAUNA!



Decades of research using home saunas, with voluminous documentation, shows far infrared rays mimic the sun's healing rays and  are in a class quite different from the emanations of microwaves, electromagnetic waves, gamma waves, and ultraviolet rays. 

CONSULTING A HEALTH ADVISOR - Nevertheless persons with unique health challenges may want to consult their health advisors. RELAX SAUNA should always be used with adequate drinking of water. You may want to also take some mineral supplements or enjoy mineral-rich juices or smoothiest, whether fresh or powdered.  

CONDITIONS - Special caution may be required if you have Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Hemophilia, Glandular Disturbances, Fever/Heat Sensitivities, and Implants. 

DISCLAIMER - No statements have been evaluated by the FDA. They are for informational and educational purposes. They do not address individual circumstances. In choosing health products, please be well-informed and consult your health advisor. Dig into your innate wisdom. Under US law, we are may not formally diagnose, treat, cure or offer to prevent a disease or provide a prescription to treat, cure or prevent disease. Ultimately you should take the responsibility for your own health and be as well-informed as possible. Your health is your birthright.



The main advantages of RELAX SAUNA are that it offers 100% infrared rays in a portable model, at an affordable price and using patented semi-conductor microchip technology. RELAX SAUNA also is comparatively more time efficient, requiring no pre-heating time. It also is relatively more cost efficient to operate compared to other models because of the way it distributes its heat immediately, comfortably, evenly, and continuously. 


Two 15 minute sessions using 1.5 kw costs about 10 cents a day. If you use it for just 200 days a year that 's $20 total.  Yet just imagineyour sizeable bottom-line savings on healthcare costs and lost income from absenteeism

There is no one prescription for how often to use 
RELAX SAUNA. The far infrared sauna is best used regularly to prevent ailments, improve circulation and provide detox results - especially on days we're not exercising. Besides exercise takes more effort to get a sweat going. Use it in the morning to boost your energy and stamina, at right after work to relieve stress, or at the end of a day to relax and sleep soundly.


RELAX SAUNA requires little maintenance. Periodically wipe the fabric and heaters of your portable infrared sauna with a slightly damp cloth. Never use detergents. There is no need to remove perspiration as the canvas doesn't absorb sweat or odors. 


ATHLETES:   The body releases lactic acids during a vigorous exercise and saunas help to remove such acids. Taken in the evening they then promote sound sleep. Sleep builds up resting reserves for the next day's intensitive activity. RELAX SAUNA is also great to use on days between heavy workouts or when the body needs more rest. Research studies have shown that regular infrared sauna use assists the body in stretching and elongating muscles. This helps to prevent athletic injuries. If there are some injuries, the portable infrared sauna will further help relieve aches, pains, and spasms while promoting quicker soft tissue healing. Therefore the overall benefits for athletes are substantial. 

THOSE WITH CHALLENGES:  Remember that  RELAX SAUNA offers you a great means for cardiovascular conditioning, especially for those with motion disabilities and who are confined to a wheelchair or move with difficulty. By improving cardiovascular conditions all systems of the body are helped to heal.


If you have an artifical implant, check with your provider as to its sensitivity, If it melts at temperatures above 110 F or 43 C at the waist level of above, it is possible. Leg and feet temperatures will be higher. Otherwise we know of only beneficial effects. Note the following:

DEHYDRATIONDrinking fluids before and after will prevent dehydation. 

RADIATIONFIR never emits harmful radiation and naturally occurs in sunlight.

BURNSFIR will not burn your skin rather it will aid the healing of any skin burns. Also it has been demonstrated that just a 20 minute daily treatment with far infrared rays will heal long-standing ulcerated wounds (see pictures in the link). These dramatic pictures were taken during a seven week period.  RELAX SAUNA 's technology was used in these pictures (imbedded in a FIR lamp)


Yes!  Using RELAX SAUNA you'll see skin blemishes fade. Regular infrared saunas will makes you look more radiant, slimmer, youthful, vibrant and alive. 


You may initially have temporary discomforts, such as skin outbreaks, itching, aches, pains and headaches due to the sudden detox effects.  Such healing reactions are normal and nothing to worry about. At the same time, you may find yourself more relaxed and sleeping more soundly. If you perspire insufficiently, drink more water or add healing drinks. If you have a pacemaker, metal or plastic device implanted in your body, generally they should not be affected. Check with your provider to be sure.


My favorite hydrating and mineralizing health drinks to use with the RELAX SAUNA are:

GREEN DRINKS/SMOOTHIES  Make some fresh green vegetable juices or use your blender to make green smoothies. These alkalize, oxygenate, and mineralize your blood and thus powerfully help to detox. 
COLOSAN WITH CITRIC Colosan contains magnesium oxide. It relaxes our intestines by releasing magnesium cleanses also by releasing oxygen. First thing in the morning take a teaspoon in a glass of water with a little lemon. It’s the best bowel cleanser we know. 

MSM WITH CITRIC – MSM is another healing powder. We always use it once or twice daily with juice feasting. It quite powerfully softens cellular membranes to allow more nutrition to penetrate each cell in our bodies.
FOR MORE You can get nutrition books at our juicefeasting store and raw-wisdom store. For kitchen aides including the best juicers visit rawkitchenstore. Also we have affiliate links, and would especially recommend Rawfoodworld which carries the products named above.

CONSULT - If you have a health condition consult your health advisor and use common sense

DRINK - Drink plenty of fluids before and after


DURATION - Start with 15-20 min/day sauna and increase the times and duration (if that feels comfortable). Set the timer at about the same time each session. We set our to a full 30 minutes. Then we know exactly how long we have been in.

TIME -  The best time to use your sauna is upon rising and before going to sleep.

SHOWERING - Showering before can help open pores to increase the sweat; showering after washes away the toxins.


TOWELS  To be most comfortable in the sauna, keep a towel with you.

MAKING IT MORE GENTLE -  If you happen to feel uncomfortable in a sauna session, immediately open the canvas and turn off at least one of the heaters.

MEDITATION  A meditative state helps all healing processes, including while taking a saunas. I typically lasted in RELAX SAUNAS for a full 30 minutes after first meditating deeply. 


















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