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Portable Far Infrared Sauna Testimonials Health and Wellness Benefits


    Dr. Andrew Weil, director Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine:  

Sweating helps the body rid itself of excess sodium, drugs, and some toxins, thereby reducing the workload of the liver. It also improves general circulation. The heat of a sauna (or steam bath) boosts the temperature of the surface of your body, causing blood vessels to dilate and circulation in the skin to increase. As resistance to blood flow through the veins and capillaries drops, blood pressure goes down. In response, heart beat increases to keep blood pressure normal. The heat can also ease muscle stiffness, and you may notice an increase in energy, a decrease in stress, and improved sleep.
Far-infrared saunas are a variation on the theme."

Karen Russell, MA HHC Gerontologist:

She recounts her experience with
RELAX SAUNA: "I was so amazed that after only about a month...not only did my labs show my heavy metals were now normal, but I discovered that my cellulite was dramatically improved. Within a few months of daily use, my skin texture dramatically changed... It was nothing short of amazing… and my fat has gone down from 38% to 20%...To say thanks a million would be an understatement.”  Click for the more complete testimonial and before/after pictures. 

Dr. Gabriel Cousens
, Director Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center:

"Our work is to be an oasis for awakening. Awakening the body to optimal health...awakening the mind and spirit to its highest expression...We are turning people onto life... We are always accumulating toxins in our world..
If you want optimal functioning you have to get rid of the toxins..Toxins are like driving in life with the breaks on...they weaken the body. If you want optimal functioning you have to get rid of the toxins...clear the load...The infrared is the safest way to get maximal release of toxins in your home...the key principle is that it creates a resonance with the cells and increases...the vital release the is a great line of self-defense...These things keep you young. They keep you strong. They keep you clear. That is why we recommend it."


Dr. Sherry Rogers,
author of Detoxify or Die states that infrared saunas are:

“A sauna used to be thought of as a luxury. Studies now confirm that diet and environmental chemicals cause 95% of the first generation of man exposed to such an unprecedented plethora of daily chemicals, we have learned that stored or undetoxified chemicals can mimic any disease. ...Since the far infrared sauna is the safest, most efficacious and economical way of depurating stored toxins, this makes it a household necessity.”

David Steinman, author of Diet for a Poisoned Planet  "The most important breakthrough today for detox and health is to do daily far infrared saunas. Heat therapy is probably the most important avenue for detox for abundant health today." 

Drs. Michael A. Schmidt, et. al. in Beyond Antibiotics write:

"Saunas are being stimulate the release of toxins from...patients. They have found that a lower temperature (105-130 F) sauna taken for a longer duration is most beneficial. These low temperatures stimulate a fat sweat, which eliminates toxins stored in fat, as opposed to the high temperature sauna, which encourages a water sweat."


   Dr. Robert O. Young, author of Sick and Tired, from his website:

"For hundreds of years, people have recognized the therapeutic benefits of the sauna...Studies have shown that the increased circulation promoted by these saunas ...helps ease joint pain and stiffness, reduces the painful buildup of lactic acid in the muscles after a long workout,  provides cardiovascular conditioning, burns off calories, speeds cellulite loss, helps you detoxify, helps you sweat out cholesterol, fat, soluble toxins and heavy metals, stimulates the body's natural immune system, improves skin tone, elasticity, and color, and it feels great."


Dr. Toshio Yamazaki, MD,  author of The Scientific Basis For Far Infrared Ray Therapy gives many clinical accounts,  among them:


"A young 7 year old boy who was seriously burnt before his visit to me; thick dark red scars remain on his chest, wrist and chin. I used far infrared ray therapy on him...thirty minutes every day for 24 days. After the 24th treatment, his scars have almost disappeared. "


"A former wrestler...had...stomach cancer. Moreover, since he was over 70 years old...he was told...he had only 3 more months to live. Because of his obesity, we considered weight reduction. While watching a balanced diet, he underwent far infrared sauna treatment, losing 45 lbs in 2 months. Furthermore...the tumor got smaller in 2 months, and his stomach pains were reduced within a few days.... As a result of continued treatment in the clinic for one year, he was well enough to be discharged."

G. E. Poesnecker, ND, DC, author of It's Only Natural

"Photobiotherapy (FIR) will become one of the premier healing tools of our future. It will eliminate the need for many of today's common surgical procedures. I can see the day when every household in the country will have a (FIR) unit on is a safe, effective, natural tool that can enhance...the body's own innate healing powers."

Dr. D. J. Fletcher
in Warming Up to FIR (Jan 2001, Alternative Medicine Magazine) outlines FIR benefits:

"The biggest news in FIR [Far-InfraRed] technology is its application to the evolving science of detoxification....Several published studies have now shown that this hyperthermic [sauna] therapy can bring about the rapid removal of a wide range of toxic substances from the human body."

Susan Lombardi, founder of We Care Health Center and author of Ten Easy Steps for Complete Wellness.

"The sauna is a good follow-up to dry skin brushing....You will look and feel better. Your skin will be clear and you will not have constipation. Your nails will improve as well as your heart and digestive system. It will clear your mind and improve concentration. Nothing will de-stress your body like a sauna."

We recommend the portable, infrared


for its many health benefits. 



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