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CONSULT:  If you have a health condition, consult your health advisor and use common sense.

DRINK:  Drink plenty of fluids before and after each sauna. For suggestions on healthy drinks, see healthy drinks with a sauna, and green healing energy soups, blends and smoothies.

Start with 15-20 min per day sauna and then increase the number and duration (if that continues to feel comfortable). Set the timer to about the same time each session. We set ours a full 30 minutes. Then we know exactly
how long the session has run.

TIME: The best time to use your sauna is a) upon rising and b) before going to sleep.

SHOWERING: Showering before can help open pores to sweat more; showering after washes away the toxins.

TOWELS: To be most comfortable in the sauna, keep a towel with you.

MAKING IT MORE GENTLE:  If you happen to feel uncomfortable in any sauna session, immediately open the canvas and turn off at least one of the heaters.

MEDITATION:  A meditative state helps all healing processes, including the taking of saunas. I will last for a full 30 minutes if I first meditating deeply. On our website, there is more detailed information on how to meditate.

We recommend the portable, infrared


for its many health benefits. 



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