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Portable Home Infrared Relax Sauna Therapy Precautions for Health, Wellness


Decades of research using home saunas, with voluminous documentation, shows far infrared rays mimic the sun's healing rays and  are in a class quite different from the emanations of microwaves, electromagnetic waves, gamma waves, and ultraviolet rays. 

CONSULTING A HEALTH ADVISOR: Nevertheless persons with unique health challenges should often consult with their health advisors. RELAX SAUNA should always be used with adequate drinking of water. You may want to also take some mineral supplements or enjoy mineral-rich juices, green drinks or smoothies (whether fresh or powdered).  

CONDITIONS: Special caution may be required if you have Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Hemophilia, Glandular Disturbances, Fever/Heat Sensitivities, and Implants. 

DISCLAIMER: No statements have been evaluated by the FDA. They are for informational and educational purposes. They do not address individual circumstances. In choosing health products, please be well-informed and consult your health advisor. Dig into your innate wisdom. Under US law, we are may not formally diagnose, treat, cure or offer to prevent a disease or provide a prescription to treat, cure or prevent disease. Ultimately you should take the responsibility for your own health and be as well-informed as possible. Your health is your birthright.

We recommend the portable, infrared


for its many health benefits. 



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