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Portable Infrared Home Sauna Test

There are simple ways to test your far infrared sauna at home using the following meters and/or supplies:

APPLE:  FIR Heat will penetrate by at least 1 in (3 cm). After completing a sauna, cut open your sauna-heated apple to check.

Many health stores have inexpensive acid/alkaline testing strips. If you are sweating out lots of toxins, your fluids will be more acidic right after the sauna and we routinely see this substantial differential after a 15-20 minute sweat in our portable infrared RELAX SAUNA. Heath and wellness improves at all levels when your body fluids are alakaline.

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids meter offers another way to test the toxins removed.

GAUSS: This meter tests for EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). RELAX SAUNA will show about the equivalent of an office copy machine or printer.

TEMPERATURE:  A simple oven thermometer will read 110-140 F degrees (43-60 C) in RELAX SAUNA.

WATT: This tests the wattage of heaters.

ORP: This gives an "oxidation reduction test "where a negative reading shows alkalinity and a positive reading acidity.

HOW YOU FEEL:- Infrared rays are gentler. Being sensitive, we can feel the difference.

For about a $100 you can buy most of the above testing aides: Ph strips, TDS, Gauss, Thermo, Watt, and ORP meters.

We recommend the portable, infrared


for its many health benefits. 



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