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Karen Russell, M.A., HHC Gerontologist and Holistic Health Counselor

I am forever indebted to your company for the health benefits I have derived from your Far Infrared Sauna. Allow me to give you some background. I am a gerontologist and holistic health counselor, board certified by the Association of Drugless Practitioners. In my quest for health and longevity, I discovered that I had extremely high levels of heavy metal toxicity, including mercury and lead. Though they had been going down with supplements, Zeolite, removal of my mercury fillings, foot detox pads, chlorophyll, cilantro and DMSA treatment over the last couple of years, I could not get them to normal levels. My holistic MD had been telling me to get a far infrared sauna to detox from my heavy metals, but I didn’t think I had space for one in my home, nor did I know which one to select.


Quite by accident, while I was attending the ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) conference, I was talking to one of the MDs who was lecturing about detox, and was asking her about the FIR saunas. She recommended one she was using in her practice, which turned out to be your model. Imagine my delight when I found out it was totally portable and could easily fit into a small closet, and set up in less than three minutes.


I was so amazed that after only about a month of use, not only did my labs show my heavy metals were now normal, but I discovered that my cellulite was dramatically improved. Within a few months of daily use, my skin texture dramatically changed. My cellulite was over 65-70% improved, and my skin was no longer dry. It was nothing short of amazing.

Since I enjoy eating, and used to have a weight problem, I was thrilled to burn 600-1200 calories in each session, depending on how long I use the sauna for. In this way, I have been able to consume a great deal more calories, without gaining weight. Again this is a miracle for me.

Of course, my studies and research in natural health have documented that most disease is a result of accumulated toxins. The top medical doctors in the field of environmental toxins have emphasized the importance or eliminating the toxins stored in the fat in our bodies, via sweat produced by far infrared rays of 4-14 microns. I had never perspired much, other than a few beads of perspiration here and there, (which is possibly why I accumulated toxins in the first place). I was shocked and delighted that with your FIR sauna, I literally pour sweat. And it is at the proper wave length of 4-14 microns. My body composition has been documented and my fat has gone down from 38% to 20%. I have attached before and after pictures (NOT retouched in any way.) Although I will be 56 in September, 2008, I am told I look like I am in my late 30’s or early 40’s. I actually feel like I’m 18!

I also used to have occasional knee and back pain and the sauna alleviated that, too, not to mention that it is deeply relaxing. I have a variety of tools in my “wellness arsenal,” but I must say that the FIR sauna is the single most important device I have ever used. In my practice, I tell my clients that it is an essential tool for wellness and longevity.

Kudos to your company for such an outstanding product! I rarely miss a day of using my FIR Relax Sauna. To say “thanks a million,” would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. If anyone ever has any questions about the quality or efficacy of your saunas, or the outstanding service you provide, please feel free to use me as a reference.


With great appreciation,

Karen Russell, MA, HHC

Gerontologist & Holistic Health Counselor

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