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Portable Far Infrared Relax Home Sauna, Detoxify or Die,

Dr. Andréa Adams of the Institute of Holistic Healing states: 

"Sweat formed in conventional saunas is 95-97% water. In FIR saunas... 80-85% of the sweat is composed of water; the remaining 15-20 % consists of cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid."  Toxins are then released by far infrared saunas which are absent when the sweat is produced elsewhere.

Sherry Rogers, MD is a leading toxicologist and in her text, Detoxify Or Die, noted this for a common toxin in plastics.  Her website states:

"We are all a toxic cesspool of the lifetime accumulation of chemicals from our air, food, and water. U.S....studies of chemicals stored in the that 100% of people had dioxins...If we get these ubiquitously unavoidable toxic chemicals out of the body, we can reverse and even cure the most hopeless diseases." 

In this context, 100% FIR saunas as the premier tool for this purpose. 
However, most high-end 100% far infrared saunas are expensive (thousands of dollars). Yet every household should have a sauna because of the toxic load we absorb. RELAX SAUNA breaks the existing price barriers by offering a solely100% far infrared home sauna that is both portable and affordable.

We sincerely encourage you to create your own a home spa or sauna healing experience for the ideal body and skin detoxification. 

We recommend the portable, infrared


for its many health benefits. 



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