2003 - got political active & environmentally as well
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Nathan Batalion Diary & CV 2003

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Happenings in 2003



  • November 9th - First public presentation of a paper on transmathematical ecology in Boston at the International Association for Environmental Philosophy. The paper was entitled Non-sustainability and the Math-based Vision of Nature. Submitted for publication.

  • December 11th - Pro-seminar presentation of same paper plus The Phenomenology of Aphasic, Autistic and Pre-verbal Metaphysics (Also submitted for a conference at Cornell University)


  • Finalized Ph.D, committee for program at Binghamton University. Submitted proposal for field paper.

Health and Environmental

  • Composed a summary of recent events in the field of genetically engineered foods. Published in the Sierra Atlantic

  • Helped for sustainability group in Oneonta

  • Attended lecture by Vandana Shiva


  • Took on responsibilities as the 24th Congressional District coordinator for the Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign. Coordinated the collection of 751 signatures to put Dennis on the ballot

  • Moderated local Meetups and Listserv

  • Attended statewide organization meeting for the Kucinich Campaign in Binghamton

  • Organized two fundraising events in Oneonta for Dennis Kucinich; one with music by Tali and at the Sego Café

  • Attended Binghamton, Otsego County and SUNY student peace movement meetings

  • Attended Peace Party in Andes

Intentional Communities

  • Presented film and talk at Hartwick College, part of the sustainability series, on intentional communities

  • As part of my annual pilgrimage to communities, visited Twin Oaks in Virginia, and attended and volunteered at their national communities conference

 Green Energy and Construction

  • Attended the Solar Fest in Vermont and a green construction symposium in NY

  • Reinsulated two homes, including with 1 inch outside insulation board to conserve energy

  • Organized solar oven project for sustainability group

  • Bought fuel efficient Camry


  • Attended Dad's 85th birthday in Florida

  • Son graduated from Lehigh, goes to Japan for the summer and returns for first job in computer consulting

  • Thanksgiving gathering with kids in Philadelphia


  • Took course in West Palm Beach and became certified as a cash flow consultant and set up

    solvingcashflow.com (SCF) website

  • Started SCF webmarketing project and ad local phone book and the Townsend Letter for Doctors

  • Expanded accounting practice and set up beginning layout of nathanbatalioncpa.com website

  • Set up second summer rental property for Baseball School vacationers

  • Purchased and began renovation of third house East St. (121) - this one for sale after renovation

  • Made up street sign for AAA Custom Renovations; did small jobs and estimate


  • Competed in two local races - 5K and 10K in Oneonta. Included the Pit Run on Oct 5th Age-adjusted running time beats what I did in the late 1980's


  • Attended Moslem Sikr locally

  • Attended Roman Catholic Midnight Christmas Mass

  • High Holiday services at local Temple


Matrix, Seabiscuit, Something's Got to Give, Mollie, Return of the King (Lord of the Rings), Nowhere in Africa (German - Nirgendwo in Afrika)

LOOKING BACK OVER 2003....... I cherish the opportunity to look back upon the year just past, and examine the highlights and goals accomplished or yet to be fulfilled. It is great to have the Internet emails - to be able to share something of myself with many friends, teachers and colleagues at the same time, some close and others I've just met in passing but thought to stay in touch with. 


ACTIVISM FOR A BETTER WORLD GENERATIONS HENCE: Philosophical - Each year I get involved in several activist activities - the farthest reaching being the philosophical. Last year, I made some progress on this front by, for the first time, making a public presentation to the environmental philosophy community (at the annual conference of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy in Boston). Presented a paper entitled: Non-sustainability and the Math-based Vision of Nature. It outlines some of my philosophical views - especially my view that our deep faith in the mathematical explanation of nature lies at the core of a global corruption of western civilization's relationship to nature. It was also submitted for publication. A draft of a second paper was presented at Binghamton in preparation for a conference at Fordham later this year - and progress was also made in working toward my Ph.D. program. Furthermore, I've begun designing a website centered on Transmathematical Ecology - the name I've settled on to express my philosophical view as a kind of "school of deep ecology." The website will post current & past papers - along with important visionary writings of others, related sites, and events.


 Health and Environmental - Here my activities included researching and writing an article on current trends in GE foods. Published in Sierra Atlantic (Chilling Trends in Genetic Violence - Winter 2003 Issue)  and helping to form a sustainability group in Oneonta. With this group we had outings to the Solar Fest in Vermont and a green construction conference in Ulster county NY. Since then I have superinsulated two homes - reducing energy consumption by roughly 50% and 20% respectively.


Political - Campaign Manager - I have been privileged to coordinate the 24th Congressional District Dennis Kucinich for President campaign, and a group of 32 wonderful volunteers helped collect 751 signatures to put his name on the March local ballot. I also helped organize two fundraising events and attended many peace activist gatherings in Oneonta & Binghamton. To find out more on Dennis' campaign and his issues, please visit www.kucinich.us. If you're a registered Democrat, please vote in the primaries. Partake since this will be an important election year for the future of the country. Helpful to me is keeping in touch with the alternative press - and where http://www.commondreams.org has been a great discovery this year.


Intentional Communities Visits- Each year I make a pilgrimage to some intentional communities in the US or abroad - and this year I had the fortune to visit Twin Oaks in Virginia www.twinoaks.org. There I  volunteered and took part  in their annual communities conference. I also made a presentation of a film on intentional communities at Hartwick (Visions of Utopia by Geoph Kozeny). For more information on this see(http://store.ic.org/products/visions-of-utopia-video.html. The presentation was part of Hartwick's  sustainability program series - what helped stimulate the formation of our local sustainability group.

All Else:  As to the rest, things have been going rather well. I managed to get back into running and competed in two races (10K and 5K) last year in Oneonta. My age adjusted time beat what I did in the late 1980's. I have also managed to expose myself to the sacred religious services in our community - from Moslem to Roman Catholic to Jewish, and appreciate ever more living in the Oneonta area. My kids are doing well. My son graduated from Lehigh and is now working at his first consulting job; my daughter is continuing her Jewish cantorial studies at a reconstructionist Philadelphia seminary. This is her last or 5th  year of studies coming up. We got together over Thanksgiving and all are doing well. My stepdad continues to be chipper and I look forward at his  86th birthday party in Florida! Lastly, my income-generation activities continue to prosper. I rented out the second home in Oneonta - after completing some gutting and renovations of the "Ballentine House," pics  at www.cooperstownlodging.com and purchased another for renovation. The accounting and cash flow businesses (certified last year) continue to develop, and will be aided by two websites www.solvingcashflow.com (live) and www.nathanbatalioncpa.com (live). I have also dabbled with some construction work under AAA Custom Renovations, with logo signs - what is fun at times during the downtime past the tax season.  While the naturopathic license is being renewed, I don't plan to use it currently or not until, sometime in the future, my dream of a retreat community comes to pass.

Favorite movie of the year- the German film Nowhere in Africa (Nirgendwo in Afrika). Most memorable book - The Metaphysical Foundations of Science by E.A. Burtt. That was the year in brief and I greatly thank those who accompanied and helped me on this journey.










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