2009 - the year we first developed our web presence
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Nathan Batalion Diary & CV 2009

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Events of 2009

ACN - Got ACN off the ground then dropped it later in the year
Finished 33 Spruce St. for winter rental
Took care of Dad's affairs and set up Florida Apartment
Listed Woodside Ave, Lake House, no action on Franklin as yet
All the remaining houses someday can serve as community homes.

Website, Health and Raw
Updated postinb of "50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods" with Supporting Links


We had a confrontation with Shira in Florida after the funeral.

Stayed in Florida for a while to set up.

Website, Health and Raw
On 15th became ABD status for Binghamton Ph.D. degree. Have 5 years to complete.
Made friends with John and Imani at Café in Hartford at Alchemy. Johana and Julia
came down.

Accounting practice seems to have held up.
New Doctors: Emmanuel, Martinez, Capuzi, OLeary, Sophia, and Sawka. All held on except Sawka


  • Took possession of Condo in Florida
  • Had leadership meeting, and
    house party with Dan and Julia but decided to stop CAN
  • Melinda and me keep working it out.
  • Won free ride from Quality Stables at Chamber meeting

Website, Health and Raw

  • Got posted on Rense in April with 20,000 visitors to site.
  • Made about $200 in website sales, still not covering costs

  • Installed Satellite TV system
  • Melinda's tumor smaller
  • Talked to Kyle over the video phone; Melinda went to
  • christening
  • Had a blast at the yoga and raw food festival, Mark Becker.
  • Met Dr. David Jubb in NYC and Melinda's Friend
  • Made video of Festival;
  • Went to Hoboken with Zito. Met Raw Jubb PhD. 


WEBSITE - Hit 500 subscribers, working at 600

  • WEDDING - Booked Wedding for Matt and Angela. What an event. Took in David Wolfe's approach which fit into my philosophy of healing. I have to work on chelation and MSM/citric, DMSO/anti-fungal.

  • ORGANIC GARDEN - Set up organic garden and working on the fencing. Also set up worm farm for composting.

  • SENIOR OLYMPICS - June 4th - Came in 5th in Senior Olympics at Cortland for 5k; Melinda 3rd/Bronze

  • THE CHINA STUDY - Finished draft of China Study Summary E-book. It is a challenge. Free download

  • Planning an event in July


  • LOANS PULLED ME THROUGH - Applied for new bank loans. Got loan with Wilber and SFCU; loan with Wilber delayed to Feb. SFCU pulled me through with $50,000 worth of credit card, personal loan and second mortgage package

  • RICK - Struggling with bookkeeping as Rick left and gives little time

  • RENTALS - Setting up Amatucci to rent 247; got taxes reduced 100/month for a year

  • EXPENSES - Still looking to cut expenses, Greg reduced interest to at least 8% for the year on

  • PROPERTIES - Landscaping all the properties

  • KELLY - Started college assistant - Kelly, interviewing bookkeeper. Donna handling all the cleaning

  • ACN CONVENTION - Went to San Diego at end of JUNE and met with Charlotte Gerson and Anita Wilson, Ex. Director of Gerson Institute

July - December Speaking Enagements:

  • Raw Spirit Festival in DC - Genetically Modified Foods. This was billed with Rhio who decided not to attend so I had the stage for the full hr. CD tape was produces.


  • Raw Food Group, Waltham MA - Seven Waves of Healing . Developed Microsoft Powerpoint. Presentation went over extremely well. Need to follow up on the video.

  • Oneonta Farmer's Market July 10th on Organics


  • Raw Spirit Radio Interview August 11th


Turned 60 can you believe it?

MANY FESTIVALS & EXPO PRESENTATIONS/NETWORKING - We got introduced to the Relax Sauna at the Raw Spirit Festival in DC. Spent time with my son Aaron on the way down. By the end of the year we attended several other festivals

  • Weight Loss Expo Near Kingston (booth with Fatima)
  • Sarasota Springs Vegetarian(booth with Charlepan, met Fatima)
  • Awakening Expo - Westchester Holistic
  • NYC Raw Food & Yoga
  • PA Body, Mind and Spirit (training with Phil)
  • Boston Vegetarian. Made great contacts and sold four saunas after training and support by Phil.
  • Went to TOP (technology) accounting convention and had no lucking helping to promote Johana's solar products for the tax credits.

MAYORAL CAMPAIGN 2009 - We did Youtube films for all the candidates, both personal interviews and their debates. May other interviews

SOLAR ACTIVISM - Johanna installed her first solar hot water system at our home in Oneonta.  We got coverage in the local paper.

DIABETES ACTIVISM - We were inspired after attending the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona Arizona in 2008 and after meeting with Dr. Cousens at his Tree of Life retreat. We distributed dozens of copies of Dr. Cousens video Simply Raw.

NEW OFFICE - We started construction of our new and expanded office at home

RENOVATION - Rush and costly job in November to get 88 ½ Ford renovated and rented. Continued work on 247 after the Amatucci's dropped the project.

BUILDING COMMUNITY - NEW MEETUPS AND POTLUCKS - We started monthly meetups at Green Earth. Organized the inviting of Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes to speak (November 19th).  Over 40 people showed up for the talk.  Follow  up lunch as at Turqouis Barn. Matt was not all that friendly but we appreciated his visit. He reluctantly graced us with a youtube on the Turquoise Barn and our activities.

MORE EVENTS- Went to writing/publishing talk at Binghamton. (Dec) . Invited Dr. Esselstyne to speak in August 2010. Also the Sproutman. Planning an upstate festival in 8/2010 at the Turquoise Barn


  • We built up to 2,000 subscribers by year end. Alexa traffic ratings in the 400,000 range and 75-100,000 in the US. This translates into about 300 visitors a day.
  • Started two blogs, www. healingtalks.com
    Melinda's http://shiningstarmiracles.wordpress.com/ Both are doing well. IEPLEXUS helped me set up the blog and to promote it with directory listings and social bookmarks. Getting a high Alexa rating.
  • Youtube channel also took off http://youtube.com/user/shiningstarmiracles.com with Melinda's 92 day juice feast.  We started doing interviews and selling CDs
  • We found a drop shipper for kitchen items such as juicers and dehydrators.
  • Bought URLs www.reversing-disease.com and www.wiseheathchoices.com Future projects.
  • Set up several automated twitter accounts but not producing anything but traffic.
  • Formatted the monthly newsletters - includes GE news
  • Improved signup for newsletters 6x with a free book summary offer

RICK AND OTHERS - Rick came back to help with the bookkeeping. Had Amish college student help for a while with the web posting to directories, and building newsletter list.

ATHLETIC/RUNNING - Came in 4th at the Frost Bite Race though at 32 minutes I could have done much better, even won, in my age bracket. Was out of training for a month!

READINGS/FILMS - Read Energy leadership by Bruce Schneider. Very impressed. Dean gave me Crush It and Think and Grow Rich to read as he knows we are working to get our site off the ground and self-supporting. Avatar was an awesome film and saw it in Albany with Julia.










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