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Monsanto's Michael Taylor Chosen by Obama to Head Food Safety
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Monsanto's Michael Taylor is BAAAAACC...KKK ... this time to control "Food Safety" from the White House

by Linn Cohen-Cole  

Michael Taylor, perhaps stowed away in Hillary Clinton's trunk as a nostalgic reminder of the good ole days when Bill put him in charge of the FDA and he approved rBGH, has reentered government along with her. He slipped onto Obama's transition team somehow (just how?) and is now hoping to slip into an office ... in the White House.  

What would he do there, he who subjected this country and many others to the increased risk of breast cancer (7 times greater risk), prostate and colon cancer because of what he did to milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream with rBGH as well as to all the foods that rely on milk solids and other parts of milk?  Why, over see "food safety."

Food Democracy Now wants people to "[w]rite Secretary Vilsack ( ) and tell him to stand strong on food safety."  

But isn't that the same Vilsack who has no record on food safety, a strong record of support for Monsanto and genetic engineering, and oversaw a huge increase in CAFOs in Iowa and the loss of thousands of small farmers?  How is he supposed to "stand strong" on something he has never stood on before and actually supports the opposite of?  And he's Monsanto's boy and the guy who dreamed up the Monsanto laws that preemptively remove democracy from communities wishing to control what is planted on them or how farms are used.

 Food Democracy Now describes Taylor as:
"Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto executive, whose career literally fits the definition of the revolving door between government, lobbying and corporate interests. Before serving on the Obama ag transition team, Taylor made a name for himself rotating in and out of law firms, Monsanto, the USDA and FDA. While at the FDA he helped write the rules to allow rBGH into the American food system and our childrens milk.

They go on to say "We need a food safety system with some teeth - one that is independent of corporate interests," yet, mysteriously, they have not even mentioned or yet opposed the bogus "food safety" bills that Monsanto, Cargill, Tysons, and giant surveillance companies want which are designed to destroy our farmers and give control of the US food supply and control of US farmland to multinationals.

Deborah Bryceson of Oxford UK calls it de-peasantization the phasing out of traditional family farms to make fertile farmland available for intensive capital accumulation using factory farming.

Third world countries were the original target, now it is our turn.  

Food Democracy Now wants people to write "Secretary Vilsack and ask him to reconsider these decisions" but they don't seem to have the picture yet:  There is a huge plan in place for Monsanto to take over control of all food in the US.  Vilsack was potentially put in at the USDA to help.

Putting Michael Taylor back in charge of food is likely the deal that Obama struck to get her to stop her incessant "running" - let the Clinton's Monsanto connections back into government with her, this time with monstrously centralized power.  This centralization of the FDA and USDA into a "Food Safety" department was one of Hillary Clinton's major platforms while standing at her side was her campaign strategist and long term advisor, Mark Penn, CEO of Burson-Marsteller, a major (and reviled) PR firm for Monsanto.
It appears that Food Democracy Now is being played by Vilsack and as they focus on him and what he does, good or bad, they accidentally distract the whole organic community from the most massive danger we have ever faced - a take over of our food supply through those bogus "food safety" bills.  I believe the timing on Merrigan's appointment was chosen to distract progressives until the bills have been shoved through, and then, additionally to throw people off-guard, Vilsack goes and makes a PC speech on civil rights.  
Burson-Marsteller is not one of the largest PR firms in the world for being inept at staging things - right now they are likely helping to direct everyone's attention away from the bills.  And, to keep people busy, meanwhile, the USDA is going through the motions of asking for comments on NAIS which they have no intention to listening to (though our filing comments is incredibly important because we'll have numbers to indicate how much this matters.  
Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
Stop HR 875, and related bills and expose legislators tied to Monsanto.


Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

Met libertarian and conservative farmers and learned an incredible amount about farming and nature and science, as well as about government violations against them and against us all. The other side of the fence is nothing like what we've been (more...)

OBAMA: Just Another Crooked Washington Insider

On Tuesday, July 7, 2009, Barack Obama sold
his soul to Monsanto while America's media were
busy covering one of history's major news events:
the funeral of the century.

Monsanto has succeeded in getting their ex-attorney
Michael Taylor into the highest echelon of the Obama
Administration. Barack Obama made this decision days
after his election victory, but needed a major story
such as Michael Jackson's shocking death to pull the
veil over America's eyes. He waited nearly eight
months to do the dirty deed, hoping that it would
not spark controversy. Hoping that nobody would
notice. Let today's Notmilk column strike the match.

I plan on manufacturing a new bumper sticker
which will read:

"Blame me. I voted for him."

I first suspected something was wrong when Barack Obama
claimed that he visited 57 of the 59 States during his
presidential campaign. See:

But still, I voted for him.

I voted for him and it was too late to have second thoughts.

On his first day in office, President Barack Obama set
new ethic rules for his administration. Obama signed
an executive order prohibiting that "revolving door"
policy we've so often witnessed in the past. A policy
which allowed Monsanto (developer of the genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone) to send their
scientists and attorneys to high level jobs in
the FDA and USDA where regulations favorable to
Monsanto were enacted. That revolving door swung
both ways, and more than one ex-FDA commissioner
went to work for Monsanto after his tenure.

In issuing new Presidential Directives, Obama said,

"We should never forget that we are here as public
servants and public service is a privilege...Public
service is, simply and absolutely, about advancing
the interests of Americans."

Don't believe it.

Mr. Obama: Your honeymoon is over. I wanted
to believe that things would be different with you
at the helm. In fact, today you demonstrated that it's
just gonna be more of the same. The concept of CHANGE
you spoke about during your campaign is clearly how
many ways a lobbyist will be able to make change for
a dollar while working with your appointees.

Two attorneys from MONSANTO'S law firm (King & Spalding)
played interesting roles in American history. One was
Clarence Thomas, now on the Supreme Court (talk about
swing votes!) The second was Michael Taylor who left the
"firm" to work at FDA where he wrote the biotechnology
laws that do not require a warning label on a carton of
milk to identify the "new genetically engineered milk."

I have said for the past year that if Michael Taylor
becomes an important part of the Obama administration,
that is a warning signal to me that we've blown it.

Folks? We've blown it.

Although Michael Taylor was the man most responsible
for writing the policies which shaped Monsanto's lies
regarding genetically engineered milk, FDA Commissioner
Hamburg said this about Taylor's appointment:

" "His expertise and leadership on food safety issues
will help the agency to develop and implement the
prevention-based strategy we need to ensure the
safety of the food we eat."

Yesterday, while using the Michael Jackson story as
his hidden ball trick, the Obama administration quietly
announced that Michael Taylor is returning to the
Food and Drug Administration as the senior advisor to
FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

Robert Cohen

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