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Kathleen's Cancer Testimony

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Kathleen is a friend of mine from Virginia who is healing herself naturally.  Here is an outline of a talk she gave recently.Thank you Kathleen for getting the word out!  You are doing us a huge favor!  People need to know there are alternatives to Big Pharma!

"My body now restores itself to a natural state of health. 

My healing is assured.  Thank you for my healing!"

No doctor of any kind heals you.  The body was designed by God to heal itself.  Some people, like the ones listed below, are very good at helping the body to do what it was designed to do. 

If your doctor does not support you in your efforts or puts them down,

fire him/her and find one who will.

Allopathic medicine treats the symptoms but does not address the cause.  A tumor is only a symptom.  If you cut out the tumor and burn and poison the cancer (symptom - and of course healthy organs and cells are also being poisoned) but ignore the cause, what do you think is going to happen again?

DEDICATION:  This presentation is dedicated to Sunnie Bea Wacholtz; my husband's first wife and the mother of my oldest child who died of cancer at the young age of twenty-seven.


  • I am not a medical professional.
  • I have no formal medical training - but I can read and so can you.
  • I am sharing the information that I have found in a cut-to-the-chase manner (believe me there's lot to sort through.)
  • I am sharing my personal story - one American citizen talking to other American citizens about her ordeal and how she overcame it.


  • CT scan at UVA and a head-to-toe bone scan @ Lynchburg General, palpation by two MD's at UVA.
  • 6-7 cm mass in left breast, very large lymph nodes under left arm and on left side of my neck, many bone lesions head, spine, hips, knees...  in fact you are welcome to palpate the holes in my forehead and spine.
  • What I did NOT tell them, because I didn't want them causing me anymore pain, was that the pain in my liver was so intense that I could not cough, clear my throat or draw a deep breath.


BOOKS: Kathleen's Recomendations in the Juice Feast Store

  • Because People Are Dying, by Jane Goldberg, Ph.D.
  • Outsmart Your Cancer, by Tanya Harding Pierce
  • Cancer-Free, by Bill Henderson
  • The Cancer Cure That Worked; 50 Years of Suppression, by Barry Lynes
  • The Breast Stays Put, by Pamela Hoeppner - could be Prostate Stays Put or Liver Stays Put, or...
  • The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Iodine, by Dr. Brownstein
  • The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush, by Andreas Moritz




  • Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore
  • Diseases Don't Just Happen
  • Healing Cancer From Inside Out
  • What The Bleep Do We Know?!
  • The Secret- SEE IT, SPEAK IT, CLAIM IT!



  • - Radiation Hormesis - low dose rocks
  • - Stem Enhance
  • - DVD's with lots of powerful information
  • - Food Purifier & Liposomal Vitamin-C
  • - Bill Henderson's site - he also has podcast interviews you can listen to for free
  • - information on Protocel, personal stories you can listen to and for $9.95 you can download the chapters on Protocel. I do recommend investing in and reading the whole book.
  • - Dr. Ryke Hamer found the connection between emotions and disease.
  • - Gary Craig teaches the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • - other sites by Dr. Nelson are listed in his book
  •\+kw30665 - helps to flood your body with nutrtion
  • - for liquid oxygen drops
  • Zymessence - Pancreatic enzymes to eat away the protein coating that surround and protect the cancer cells



"My body now restores itself to a natural state of health!" I SPEAK IT. I CLAIM IT!

"My healing is assured!"  Matthew 21:22  And in all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

"Thank you for my healing!"  -  Pray with an attitude of gratitude.



  • Linda Brown, DC - Lynchburg - (434) 528-4030
  • Lloyd Katz, DC - Amherst - (434) 946-7323 -
  • Lina Hall, ND -  Madison Heights - (434) 845-8113
  • ann-.karima, Colon Hydrotherapist - Charlottesville - (434) 972-9006
  • Marilyn MacClellan, Licensed Acupuncturist & Thermographer - Chester
  • *(see below) (804) 614-5022
  • Jeanne Greening (SCIO) - Roanoke - (540) 491-9354 -  [email protected]
  • Scott Walter - Reiki Master - Bedford - (540) 947-0221 -  [email protected]



  • Rife Machine -
  • Tens Unit (kills parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus)
  • Omega Juicer -
  • Vita Mix - (though I suspect that Montel's Health Master is just as good for less than half the price:
  • Food Purifier - removes pesticides, bacteria, etc...



  • Stem Enhance - supports the release of your own little healers from your bone marrow -   - This made a huge difference right out of the gate.
  • Essiac Tea - I use the Floressence brand from Lina Hall's Natural Health Center
  • Liposomal Vitamin-C - from
  • Oxygen Elements -liquid oxygen drops - from
  • Zymessence - Pancreatic Enzymes by Dr. Wong -
  • Juice Plus+ - whole food nutritional supplement from\+kw30665
  • Iodoral - iodine/iodide supplement from Optimox -
  • Armour Thyroid - You have to get this through a compounding pharmacy. Valley Compounding Pharmacy, 22776 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg (434) 237-3331
  • DSF  from NutriWest - support for the adrenals - it's very, very hard for the body to heal when it has depleted adrenals - you can get this from Lloyd Katz or Linda Brown.
  • Tahitian Noni - I get this from Eileen Quinn - (573) 347-3104



  • Reduce or Eliminate gluten & refined sugar
  • Eat 80% raw vegetables and fruits - organic as much as possible
  • Juicing is a great way to flood your body with nutrition
  • Do the best you can with the above - don't make yourself crazy or overwhelmed




  • HCG urine test (fully explained in "Cancer-Free" by Bill Henderson) better than AMAS
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis - Lina Hall
  • NEC - Lina Hall - Madison Heights - (434) 845-8113
  • SCIO - Jeanne Greening
  • ASYRA - Lloyd Katz
  • THERMOGRAPHY - Marilyn MacClellan


  • EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique -
  • The Emotion Code -





Marilyn MacClellan has a mobile lab and travels to different places to do Thermography.  She comes to Lina's Natural Health Center in Madison Heights 3 or 4 times a year, she also brings the lab for the day to Dr. Linda Brown's office in Lynchburg (right down the street from Lynchburg General) 3 or 4 times a year.  If you choose a location, like the church parking lot and have a minimum of six people, she would be willing to bring the lab to Farmville for ya'll.  Of course, she does Thermography in her office almost daily in Chester.  Do not underestimate this gal.  She has a degree in Nuclear Physics, is licensed in Acupuncture and Thermography.  She's very, very knowledgeable and a kind and caring human being.






Marilyn MacClellan recommended an open-minded MD to me who practices Integrative Medicine.  The first time I went to him, he said, "Kathleen, I don't do cancer."  I responded, "That's ok, because I'm not going to do it either."   He gave me dietary advice.

Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D who did many years of research into cancer and wrote books about it, said in "The Cure For All Advanced Cancers,"  "ALL cancer patients need help with the thyroid."  I showed that to Dr. Ciurash and he ordered Armour Thyroid for me.  He is also the one who ordered my head-to-toe bone scan.  He is very supportive of whatever you want to do. 

His contact information is:

Dr. John Ciurash, The Hope Center

Chester, VA

(804) 777-9908



Jay and Faye will be coming to Madison Heights to share the story of Mineral Hormesis with us folks here in Central Virginia!  This is an incredible opportunity to learn about one of the powerful tools that I have used on my healing journey.  They will be sharing this powerful discovery with us on Sunday, November 8, 2009, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is a suggested $15 donation which will pay for the use of the Madison Heights Community Center and all other proceeds go to a fund to support those who cannot afford help.  Right now, they are trying to help an 8-yr-old boy with over 100 tumors.


Madison Heights Community Center

424 Woodys Lake Road - right down the road from Walmart on 29.   Handicapped accessible.

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTS CERTIFIED IN TOXOCOLGY: They know how to safely remove mercury fillings. These two people are two of only seventy-nine dentists in the U.S. who are certified in toxicology.

Dr. Fred Smith - 46 Shelor Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24502-5528 - (434) 237-6328

Dr. Cheryl Billingsley -  (804)740-4485 10446 Ridgefield Parkway Richmond, Va 23233

Dr. Joe Brown, NMD - Dr. Brown was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma at age twenty.  He went through months of conventional treatment and was finally told that if he was given an even stronger dose of chemotherapy, he had a month to live, if that.  He and his Mom took matters into their own hands and six months later, he was cancer-free.  He went on to become and M.D. and then an N.D., so he is now an NMD.  He says that he wants to give people the help that he so desperately needed.  People come from all over the US, Europe, Australia... to see him.

His website is:   If you are wanting to work with an MD, he's your man.  If you have cancer and are thinking about going to AZ for a few weeks to be under his care, contact me and I will send you his video.  This is a good man.  I know you will like him.

Kathleen:   [email protected]










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