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Guided Meditation Techniques

Guided Meditation Techniques

Guided Meditation Te

Raw-Wisdom Meditation



tree leaf

Our guided meditation techniques are based on a certain philosophy and science of consciousness - see the article what is raw wisdom? and/or the you tube

To understand this, touch yourself for a moment anywhere on your body. On one level you experience yourself as a body and on another level that experience is always and entirely an experience of just consciousness.

Imagine thus that as human beings and living organisms, it is our consciousness that really forms our essence and not just the physical, surface-experienced "shell" (the outer appearance). Thus to heal ourselves deeply we must heal not just our bodies but even far more importantly our consciousness within. Actually the healing of the body follows the healing of our consciousness - and the understanding thus of what is consciousness - or reflects it that thin level of surface appearances we call and experience as "physical." 

Or the healing of our consciousness is the much more primary aim of our guided meditation techniques. Think of the body as, over and over again,  just forming the razor thin appearance of the layers of our consciousness that make up who we are.

To heal something it is necessary to know its nature and there are many thinkers on this subject worth listening to.  The classical western worldview, however, did not provide that knowledge and only in the last half a century did influences from Asia inundate our culture with meditation techniques.  

Imagine now that consciousness, and in all of its forms or surface masks, represents a kind of universal relationship of connection. 

"Universal" is a big word and it refers here to a connection to everything and in every direction. This is why living organisms - which of course are conscious - will grow in solarly-radiant and organic directions as with tree branches and the veins of a leaf and the iris of our eyes, all depicted above. This means that it is our consciousness that connects us both inwardly and outwardly. Inwardly it allows us to also be whole and keeps us alive. Outwardly it connects us to the world around us.

Our guided meditation techniques thus attempt to tune in to the connective essence of consciousness, what also heals us spiritually and physically.



Next to develop the details of our guided meditation techniques, imagine this same consciousness - which exists not only in us but in all of nature - further splits fundamentally into two activities, functions and directions. One is towards its own essence (connective consciousness) and the other away (towards separative consciousness). One direction is healing and the other illness-generating. We also have right and left hemispheres in our brain that tune into the same bilaterally. Studying these brain differences impartially, we find that one side of our brain tends to see things as separate, with sequential details and the other more in terms of a connected whole.  

Also consider that these two directions involve our aligning ourselves with what moves to-and-from the underlying oneness of all of consciousness, and derivatively of all of nature. As we are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm, our own consciousness moves us to-and-from the wholeness, oneness and healing of ourselves. 

In advanced guided meditation techniques we learn the concentrated movement of our guided awareness again towards what is connective and thus healing of ourselves.

In everyday life we expend energy and may try to explosively accomplish the most that we can. With guided meditations techniques we do the counterbalancing opposite - being as quiet and still or collected as possible.

In the expending of energy, we are drawing on the holistic resources within, and if we overextend ourselves we will become ill. Thus the need to return to the quiet within and we do something akin during sleep. With guided meditation, we can more consciously direct the process.

In the western worldview, we also first try to heal ourselves physically and then maybe psychologically (with both often treated chemically using drugs). There is rarely a vision of healing our consciousness as the first priority and by means of simply guiding that awareness through powerful forms of meditation.

In Raw-Wisdom's alternative view, that is the focus. We again use guided meditation techniques to essential heal our consciousness first and above all - and moving awareness in directions that are in harmony with the connective, right-brain side - allowing this to become dominant. The rest, including the body and social, ethical, and environmental consciousness, then falls into alignment.



To reiterate the two sides of our brain, the right and left hemispheres, tend to tune into the world in opposite ways. The right brain tends to best take in what above was described as connective consciousness, and the left brain the opposite separative consciousness. The highest paradigms of the left-brain are mathematical. Math symbols abstract how to best separate elements of consciousness with precision. Thus we know exactly how much money you have in the bank, mathematically - and stress over it too often. This is thus not a symbolism for the healing of consciousness though sacred mathematics and geometry can be reguided to point back to the underlying oneness.


Mother and Child Meditation


 healing consciousness

What this means is that we choose in meditations techniques that form images, use symbols and select words which reflect what is more “connective” aspect of our consciousness, its essence and ultimately the essence of ourselves and all of nature. 

For example, we veer toward a consciousness of love, harmony, relaxation, letting go of stress, being at ease, melting, feeling at one, forgiving, letting be, flowing, and ultimately being completely at peace. What makes our consciousness oppositely not at peace or ill (as reflected or condensed in physical diseases) involves experiencing conflict, being stressed out, at war, violently upset, hateful, addicted, fearful, toxic, confused, worried, depressed, in pain, or simply not at peace/at one.

Raw-wisdom teaches uniquely that the mathematical view, when universally and deeply applied, actually and really does not point to the depth-real and objective understanding of the world we live in (and again of ourselves and all of nature). This is a  very revolutionary and paradigm shifting or global mind change view. 

It means that to truly heal our collective consciousness we very deeply must move away from the math-centered vision that has dominated our culture since the 17th century. Actually the growing pollution of the planet, and internally of our bodies (as when math-designed synthetic chemicals trigger cancer and other ailments) is but a bi-product of the most deep pollution of the innermost vision and depth-understanding.

Studying this divide between separative and connective awareness is a master key for reaching this conclusion. Or it is like a master compass for charting as well all of our meditations.



In the natural healing arts there is a reversal of diseased conditions that follows a certain order, namely in reverse of how symptoms manifested over time. We learn from classical naturopathy that “dis-eased” conditions are experienced in an uneasy way. They progress from mild irritations, to inflammations/fevers/rashes, to more serious “burning outs” of the vital life force. Thus having cancerous tumors, and with no feeling or consciousness while metastasizing, is scary - but that is the natural course from heightened to lowered consciousness within. Or lowered consciousness is part of the later-stage degenerative process because the state of our consciousness really determines our health and well-being. The body is just a mirror that reflects it.

In meditations we therefore undue what is held tight, melt what feels hard, and “put out” what feels like it is on fire or inflamed – and to ultimately return to being at peace, at-one and thereby and truly or integrally depth-healed. 





peaceful space 

Meditation can be sitting up or lying down. You can meditate first thing in the morning when you wake up, midday or late at night. Mornings I find it most helpful to first take a shower, and where the state of cleanliness helps make the consciousness clearer. In one's meditation space, it may also be helpful to bring in pictures or works of art that set the mood to deeply relax. Blue-green decorations are advisable. There can be an altar with sacred objects, pictures of loved ones and so on.



Imagine a surrounding force-field or bubble that fills you with an intense sense of being loved and of projecting love. 

The act of meditating is meant to heal consciousness or bring it to the connective side and thus focusing on love - a connective emotion - supports that consciousness. As life can been seen as the concentrated presence of consciousness, the aliveness of ourselves - body, mind, and spirit - then depends on the healing of that consciousness.


Meditation Island 

Something sacred elicits the feelings of wholeness and thus assists the healing of consciousness.

We can imagine being in a temple or any sacred space (and which then tends to materialize). For each person, coming from a different cultural, family and personal background, this may differ. One vision is that of a temple at the center of a small island surrounded by a  panoramic view of the ocean. Inside there is a main room for experiencing that core sense of sacredness, and where one can let go of all that feels ill, dis-easing, stressing and so on - as if one leaves behind all of one's most heavy baggage.

Other rooms (as created in our imagination) in the temple may have other purposes, such as one for a deeply healing massages, cleansings, chantings and so on. Imagine also that the temple has a porch, and after we have undergone all our consciousness rejuvenations we can rest on the porch, in a blue hammock, and where the vista is one of the surrounding ocean. All our spinal tensions can then melt.



We can scan your entire body for any sense of hardness, and one part of your body at a time until the whole is encompassed.

A wonderful image for this purpose is that of butter melting.  We melt what feels hard, tight, and tense. This also evolves into releasing stress. I have found this extremely useful to apply to the seven cervical or neck processes – imagining that each is molded as if out of butter that then melts in a heated pan. I imagine a kind of ritual for this at an alter in a stadium filled with monks who partake with me in this visualization.

The spine is the most important bone structure in our body to thus revitalize in our meditations.



The deeper we relax, the more our consciousness is rejuvenated and heightened.

This is easy enough to experience. Imagine we are caught up in a day’s affairs and then close your eyes to concentrate on your body. We then find it takes a while to be quietly present. A half hour later, we are much more aware of both your body and surroundings. If we start out angry and upset it may take an hour to calm down and be present to the moment.

This helps to explain that a “raising of consciousness” is not something mystical, imagined or hypothetical but quite simple and real. 

Consciousness rises as we relax. We are more fully connected with and to our own state of being and on a road to our healing.  Thus it is important to relax whenever possible, and directing that relaxation to every part of your body.

Because connective consciousness forms, in my experience, the essence of life therefore we are not machines made of separate parts (defined mathematically or by high abstractions of separation) - and to be ever fired up like an engine.

In trying to deeply relax, sometimes it helps to first tense all the muscles and then relax them. This doesn't work for me personally as it tends to stimulate my adrenalin, but for others it does. I prefer to relax the physical through mostly mental means. And the mind is powerful. It has been shown in hypnosis that visualizing a hot iron touching the skin can cause the forming of blisters. So how you visualize your body can and will change its form.

It is best to experiment what works for you. Try different images that best suit you to let go of your physical tensions - such as the image of lying in a hammock along a beach, having a deep massage, or being touched by the wand of angels - most soft and tenderly.



We sometimes define ourselves by our struggles, worries, addictions, illnesses - everything that seems to make us unwhole.  I am the person who underwent this, lost that, and so on.

By contrast, during meditations we veer to "getting over it." 

We become also more than ourselves as part of the flow of all of consciousness and all of life. 


Think of all the tons of  emotional, mental, spiritual and physical "baggage" you may be carrying in a given day, and let yourself love yourself - enough to take out time to let go.

Imagine carrying heavy baggage in both hands or on a yoke and then dropping all that weight at once - and in the most sacred temple of your inner world.


As water puts out fire, so images of gentle water flowing can help to counter the experience of what is fiery, stressful, painful, itching and inflamed. Later ill states of consciousness manifest as fogginess or a loss of attentiveness to the flow of the whole. The early stages manifest the opposite, a heightened awareness of what is "separative" - and via
Inflammatory/itching/burning/painful conditions. This is really a spiked awareness in the beginnings or acute, at first minor stage of a physical illness.

Thus if we cut a finger, our consciousness will travel instantaneously to the site of the tear, the separation, and in order to heal or reconnect. That is the essential function of consciousness. This tells us divinely that something needs to be mended. We are made aware of the problem. If stand in the way of this sacred process by taking pain killers, it may prevent, slow and even stop the healing.

Instead here we can use meditation to work with that consciousness in the healing process. We can imagine seeing the equivalent of water putting out fire, so images of gentle waves flowing over what feels fiery, in pain, stress-engendering, itching, and again inflamed. All the host of inflammatory/itching/burning conditions - a thousand and one "itis" like arthritis are manifestations of "separative consciousness" - the inner experience of the beginnings of outer and deeper illnesses.

If we later lose the experience of pain, or find ourselves in states of mental fogginess or loss of attentiveness, it means we need to regain and rejuvenate our consciousness from within.


blue waters

Images of gentle water waves can be powerfully relaxing. We can apply this to all the "parts" of our body. Actually what we experience is the focusing/separating of an element of consciousness we look at as being physical - and that experience is then softened and made to be more flowing. And the flow can be not only soft and gentle but encompassing. It is important to repeat this imagery and in different directions. 

Thus there is a flowing sense of each finger, moving in and out of the consciousness of the finger and in all directions.

We can also image a flow sideways and diagonally or in every other imaginable course (including spherically and revolving). This can all end with a general and consummating dissolving or a total relaxation.  

From the fingers we can move up to the same with the inner experience of our palms, wrists, lower and upper arms, shoulders, neck and head. Then the middle and lower parts of the body can be likewise relaxed as deeply. The process can be repeated in the same or reverse order if one does not yet feel fully relaxed.

The intent again is to make the experience all-encompassing.  Remember that it takes about ten times as much alkalinity to counter acidity (a concentrated “separative consciousness”). The same happens with meditations, especially when directed at relieving or unwinding fiery stress and pain.

Be patient.  Keep repeating similar healing images until there is success in terms of peace within at the deeper layers.  Try to meditate daily, and best at the beginning or end of the day, and keep going deeper.

Don’t be discouraged by a few tries that don't quite make it.  As water overcomes fire so consciousness can overcome unconsciousness. Healing processes ultimately will conquer the worst of ailments if one submits or puts oneself into true alignment. That is the law.

Separation (end in unconsciousness) is just a surface thin appearance of the deeper connected flow from which we are separated.  Connectedness (consciousness) reconnects us to that flow and forms the deeper or fuller essence also of ourselves and all of nature.

blue waves     buddha

In the mind’s eye we can imagine being in a  room that is painted blue and in which we have buckets of blue waters poured over us.  With this color therapy we might imagine also drinking the juice of blueberries.

Or we might imagine your body being covered by a blue light coming through stained glass windows as in the Tiffany depiction of blue wisteria. 

Green, blue and violet colors are always on the relaxing side of the rainbow. You can imagine these colors being sprayed onto you like a mist or with the finest of nano-particles that penetrate deepest within. 

You can further imagine standing under a color-filled waterfall in a lush tropical forest and smelling its lavender-blue flowers and drinking purple-blue ambrosia juice made from tropical fruits that help you to most deeply relax. 


There are many meditation music tapes that help set the tone. I especially like the music of Steve Halpern.

Also chants can help.

The words “home” (a place to be at peace) and “shalom” (being at peace), the “om” sound all have a circular rounding of the lips to make the “o” (symbolizing oneness).

A circle or “o” has no “oppositional corners” or all points are blended smoothly to form a circle. This represents what consciousness needs to emulate to be raised and healed – the lack of conflict, opposition, and stress in order to be at one.

The “m” sound then helps to reverberate the “o”  and in a gentle almost whispered and deep flowing out. Sometimes I imagine a small group or multitude of old and wise Tibetan monks surrounding me, and thus helping me with these deep reverberating chants. The sounds can also be directed into the parts of our bodies that need the most conscious attention or healing. For more information on sound healing, explore the sound healing network and several sound healing conferences and gatherings.


Meditation Conclusion

Combine all these above elements and the body will begin to ease out and be at peace.

Start your morning this way instead of drinking a cup of coffee.

We often turn to coffee in the morning because we have not slept deeply enough to rejuvenate our consciousness and thus wake up full of energy.  What caffeine does is to stimulate the adrenalin glands to create a further depletion. These are the fire-glands that set us in motion, but only in the way a car is set in motion by burning fuel. It triggers also fight and flight.  The adrenalin fire energy is on the separative or non-healing and non-consciousness raising side.

That fiery energy is, nevertheless, helpful in doing mechanical work. If we want to work at a higher level of consciousness, however, and with depth of healing and productivity, it is best to do the very opposite. Skip the coffee and start your day by deeply relaxing in meditations. 

When you feel sufficiently at one, bring the meditation to a soft landing and with a promise to keep that sense of calm – and thus consciousness presence - throughout your entire peaceful day.

Shalom, Om Shanti, and Be Blessed





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