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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease: Stepping Back Into The Light

Alzheimer'sto the light

This article gives information on Alzheimer's disease that really cannot be found elsewhere. It offers a unique perspective on the root cause of Alzheimer's disease which supposedly is unknown. It outlines Alzheimer's stages and how to naturally treat them in other than conventional ways.

First for the die-hard skeptics as to any natural Alzheimer's treatments, see the Ann Wigmore's Raw Living Foods Lifestyle video. Next let's review some ground-level basics:

How Common Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

(with the USA as an example)

According to the Alzheimer's Association's 2008 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures up to 5 million people over age 65 in the United States have Alzheimer's dementia (sometimes called "Alzheimer disease"). About 500,000 have what is called early Alzheimer's. This is early-onset Alzheimer's dementia (before age 65). The early Alzheimer's stages commonly lead to the latter stages.

10 million baby boomers will slip into various stages of Alzheimer's disease. This now forms the sixth-leading cause of death in the US. In the span of just five years, from 2000 to 2005, there was a 44% increase in Alzheimer's disease as a leading cause of death! In other words, there is a growing epidemic.

About 1 in 5 women who reach the age of 55 years develop Alzheimer's symptoms in their lifetime. About 1 in 7 men  become an Alzheimer's patent. In addition the illness is progressive. Thus according to 2007 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures, nearly half of those over 85 will become Alzheimer's patients.  Alzheimer's dementia is the most common and it is tragic. Hardly anything elicits compassion more than seeing a friend or loved one, who is full of life experience and, nevertheless slips into a no-man's land of Alzheimer's stages. This requires ever more diligent and challenging "Alzheimer's care." 


The above statistics are alarming. There is, however, great news coming from those who practice natural healing. The message is that there are effective natural Alzheimer's treatment protocols being practiced and the illness is thus reversible if enough of these potent natural approaches are simultaneously combined. This refers to Alzheimer treatment approaches that are not drug-based I know this for myself because I have been able to reversed my cognitive challenges and this has held steady at the age of 60. This message of hope thus extends to those with early-onset Alzheimers or mild cognitive difficulties as well. It proclaims that we can care for, take precautions and  prevent Alzheimer's disease from occurring in the first place. It is fine to learn to play chess and/or learn a second language. I have done both to excercise the mind. But honestly said, that is not enough to get to the deeper root causes of this growing epidemic. What is exciting is that curative approaches are available but even recognize them requires a deep paradigm shift. Then one can shout this news, this message of hope, metaphorically said, from roof and mountain top peaks.


It takes much restraint to limit my words of critique aimed at a medical treatment system that is in shambles. The only positive that can come from that is that perhaps thereby we might learn what not to do, and in away that gives insights into opposite approaches for a turnaround. In that spirit let me say the following. At present virtually all conventional Alzheimer's research is drug and pharmaceutical-centered and a little focuses on genetics. With Alzheimer's disease research there have been literally billions spent by drug company giants to find the next "miracle" Alzheimer's drug or mix of Alzheimer's drugs that will yield a huge windfall via some breakthrough Alzheimer medication. It hasn't happened, nor have there been any effective genetic treatments. Please visit my related article on 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods which offers to explain why genetic approaches are also not the way to go in the search for cures. When taking popular Alzheimer's drugs some find mild symptom relief but accompanied by so-called serious "side-effects." Actually there is no such thing as a "side-effect" except in the mind of one who wants to diminutive a harm - calling it non-primary.  With this mindset, Alzheimer's patients continue to be drugged even though drug-taking has been so decisively failure-ridden.
When such failures are not faced, and instead there is always a drug cure just around the corner, you can be sure there is an ideological bias that prevents some from facing facts.

People who suffer from being ideology stuck can't really see straight. They project their vision of reality onto the world all around us and then see only what they want to or are able to see and believe, It may surprise many that modern medicine suffers from such an ideology and that this could be hugely blinding and harmful. That ideology is taught in most conventional medical schools, many of which are funded by pharmacetical firms. From that ideological viewpoint comes all kinds of self-convincing arguments, that modern medicine is not at fault for the rising epidemics of chronic ailments, that we are doing the best we can, and that their approach is ultimately superior, more exacting, more serving those who are ill - and the clincher, most "scientitically objective."  Little is allowed to filter in to question that view.

Thus generally one is hard pressed to find any conventional Alzheimer's books, Alzheimer's articles, Alzheimer's video, or Alzheimer's awareness programs, Alzheimer's nursng home or hospice programs that offer solely natural approaches for the treatment of Alzheimer's. Why? Supposedly they have no scientific merit. And if something natural claims to work, we can discount it because it hasn't been subjected to multi-billion dollar protocols, like drugs have. This is the argument.


If a culture exhibts growing levels of chronic ailments, and which refuse to be cured, one can suspect that something is very deeply wrong with not just lifestyles but what guides those ways of living - the root understanding of ourselves and our world. For the hardest-to-face truth is that drug approaches are supported and natural ones shunned becaue the latter exhibit relatively little profit potentials. The strong focus on money-making in our culture, mixed in with the healing arts, involves what I call a "mathematization of consciousness." and where math symbols are our guiding tools to best separate elements of consciousness. What does that mean and how is that relevant? The little squiggles that a math professor writes on a blackboard, and that are printed on all currencies, bank statements and credit cards are tools of consciousness. Their role is to separate elements of consciousness. We can see this in all counting routines, an no matter what we count. Thus we can count three apples only when they are three separate apples and not when we make applesauce. A powerful way that the monetary mathematization of consciousness works is that we offer a salary to someone - which attracts their attention to focus on what we want them to focus on. To focus on something strongly, as in focusing under a microscope, is to separate an element of consciousness. Why is this set of unusual observations so important to highlight in relation to what is Alzheimer's disease and its treatment?  What happens with the offering of monetary lures or gains is that this then attracts consciousness powerfully to certain directions. It biases and even corrupts the integrity of consciousness as a whole. This is critical to know in all the healing arts. The main bias is generally towards approaches that optimally make money. These directions have certain qualities and characteriztics, and those little pills we call drugs happen to have many of those features. To explain fully why and how, would take a long time - and perhaps take us off course. Suffice it to say it becomes extraordinarilly difficult to navigate our ways in the midst of a serious illness, to find unbiased, commercially-uncorrupted knowledge in modern dau healing arts conducted as a business.

So what can one do on one's own? How can we break the commercial trance or dare to move away from what so-called experts tell us when really they are selling us a story? And to what, and where is there integral guidance?

To make this yet more difficult, there is no simple standardized Alzheimer's test or simple Alzheimer's definition for what is Alzheimer's disease or the Alzheimer's patients' different stages of Alzheimer's dementia. We could wish that Alzheimer's testing was more refined nowadays but typical Alzheimer's symptoms start with, most importantly, a noticeable decline in memory. With Alzheimer's memory loss and various Alzheimer's facts we might recite, there is the further inability to exhibit coherent speech and understanding, to recognize and identify objects and persons, to exercise motor and sensory functions, to comprehend tasks, and to think abstractly and make sound judgments. This means Alzheimer's disease symptoms not only have confusing facets but the Alzheimer's patient must rely on others to make judgments for them. But what if the judgment of experts who supposedly should uplift our consciousness to pull those who have fallne back up into the light, are not themselves enlightened, are following blind ideologies steeped in the corrupt climate of optimal money-making. Then we run the serious risk of giving over our best judgments to precisely  those who will misdirected us. This is commonplace in our modern world. How can one get out of this predicament?


A first and hugely important step is to understand that all confusing symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia really belong to but one unifying  phenomenon, that of a a "consciousness disease."  For insight piercing wisdom involves ever looking at the whole of things, rather tiny symptomatic details under a microscope. To be a consciousness disease means there is more to it than a physical ailment where this or that foreign protein is deposited in a neuron.. The reason we call it a "consciousness disease" is because the common factor in all the above symptoms (like loss of memory) is an inability to connect elements in our consciousness.

Now we need to connect the dots ourselves, or understand why we so classify Alzheimer's disease as a consciousness ailment. The reason is that we, at this raw-wisdom site, fundamentally see the root essence of  consciousness as precisely the ability to connect to all of the world around us and within.

This is a novel definition of the essential function of consciousness is critical to understand and is the begining of the path of stepping back into the light. Understanding, mind you, and not a pill or high-tech manipulation or even an herb or superfood. This understanding is what is most vital, and it not easily or cheaply arrived at.

Before we gather that deep understanding, let us first look at the  terrain to be navigated, the various known forms of dementia as modern medicine best classifies them.

Bear in mind, again, they all reflect apparently different breakdown of consciousness, of our brain and of various neurons spread throughout. These delineations of Alzheimer's symptoms and of other dementia symptoms may, however, overlap. We thus can distinguish Alzheimer's vs. dementia in the forms that follows.


·  Alzheimer's Disease - This represents 60-80% of forms of dementia. Early signs of Alzheimer's include most distinctively memory problems, impaired judgment, confusion and physically trouble speaking, swallowing and walking. There are various Alzheimer's tests, especially memory tests for this disease. Alzheimer's stages or the disease differentiation is further broken down into early-onset Alzheimer's (about 10%) and late-onset Alzheimer's dementia (90%) and familial Alzheimer's disease or FAD. The latter represents inherited Alzheimer's which is passed on at least two generations and is relatively rare. Alzheimer disease is diagnosed with the common presence of protein deposit fragments (beta-amyloid plaques and protein tau or tangles).

Vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia. It involved decreased blood flow to parts of the brain as the name implies. Often patients have a series of small strokes. Since this dementia vascular ailment has clear vascular dementia symptoms and causes, one can design an Alzheimer's vascular dementia treatment protocol that at least heals the circulatory system. Vascular dementia symptoms may somewhat overlap with Alzheimer's dementia, even if there is little memory loss.

Mixed dementia is exactly what the name entails in this Alzheimer's diagnosis. It exhibits several types as listed here simultaneously.

Parkinson’s  symptoms exhibits abnormalities in "Lewy bodies" named after the physician who first discovered them. This, in turn, refers to abnormal deposits of the protein alpha-synuclein that forms inside and disturb nerve cells in the brain. With Parkinson's diseases, the deposits tend to be in the deeper layers, thus affecting motion. Parkinson's symptoms, however, tend to often develop into Parkinson's dementia in the later stages. With early Parkinson's the symptoms are milder.

·       Dementia with Lewy bodies Alzheimer's disease assessment for this ailment involves, again, Lewy bodies but also now found in middle and outer structures of the brain, affecting emotions, judgments and awareness. This helps distinguish dementia with Lewy bodies from Parkinson's brain abnormalities. We find thus the presence of visual hallucinations as well as muscle rigidity and tremors, along with a loss of general cognitive abilities.  It is claimed that there is no cure, and the disease tends to be progressive.

·   Frontotemporal dementia involves damage to and atrophy of the brain's frontotemporal lobe (the brain cells in the front and temporal or side regions) with symptoms of personality changes and language difficulties. It tends to happen at a younger age 40-70 than other forms of Alzheimer's dementia. Frontotemporal dementia treatment is typically is with antipsychotics and anti-depression pharmaceuticals This is only way our grossly bankrupt medical system seems to address such ailments, being itself, in my opinion, deeply consciousness-ill.

Creutzfelde-Jakob disease (CJD) or prion disease (also occasionally spelled as Creutzfelde-Jacob disease shows a mis-formed prion protein throughout the brain that leads to a rapid death.  A cause seems to be mad cows disease.

·     Normal pressure hydrocephalus exhibits a hydrocephalic buildup of fluid in the brain, simple water on the brain that interferes with brain functions. Symptoms often include difficulty walking, loss of memory, and trouble controlling one’s urination.

So having surveyed this conventional classification system, and where we distinguish different categories of protein, fat, circulatory and fluid abnormalities does this really give us the insight needed to turnaround these conditions or to knoq the deepest Alzheimer's cause or ways toward an Alzheimer's cure, or the best Alzheimer's therapy. Another kind of knowing is necessary which we will cover.  Again knowing isolated details does not mean we at all grasp the larger connective picture to harvest the wisdom for a real way out   Modern western culture tends to navigate consciousness so very poorly, and is thus predictably at a loss in reversing the most serious of "consciousness ailments."  It proclaims then that there is no cure.

No Cure?

Only a very small percentage of Alzheimer disease victims are early-onset (prior to age 65) and/or correlated to rare genetic or inherited forms. The rest are clearly related to our lifestyles.  Yet according to the Alzheimer’s Association  “no treatment is available to delay or stop the deterioration of brain cells in Alzheimer’s disease.”  As a result physicians themselves are prone to develop Alzheimer’s disease later in life. In their minds, there is no way to prevent it. Even some Nobel-winning physicists and chemists have fallen prey. This is revealing as to the depth of our modern lack of understanding via these two disciplines. 

The truth is that Alzheimer's dementia and early Alzheimer's disease cannot be cured by any typical chemical fixes (or the underlying ideology of healing). With rare exceptions, synthetic drugs are symptom-modulating. They fail to provide any true healing of the Alzheimer's patients' consciousness condition or "the Alzheimer's brain."

In the philosophy of raw-wisdom, we try to try to give an entirely different perspective. We oppose what usually happens in Alzheimer's care - the multiple chemical-drugging of Alzheimer's patients at different Alzheimer's stages, and who then walk the halls of nursing homes (or their homes) like spaced-out zombies approaching their death. This drugging most often takes one deeper and deeper into forms of dementia or lowered consciousness. Our livers and kidneys valiantly try to eliminate these artificial chemical fixes, forced upon them by conventional Alzheimer care protocols and derivative of an immensely unwise modern worldview. That worldview is itself, in my opinion, deeply consciousness ill. How can a vision that is itself consciousness ill, guide us to cure the deepest forms of consciousness ailments? It cannot and never will, no matter how many billions of dollars or how much consciousness attention is falsely drawn in that direction. This is where we are stuck, and for those who suffer from this ailment, essentially left to die in a puddle of hopelessness.

Our primary educational system, while sometimes focused on "greening" or making more organic our physical landscapes, does not really green "our inner mind's landscapes." We are not taught to change the core modern ideology or inner overall worldview. Thus we keep following the very same path that led us to where we are now in the first place. 

Everything is supposed to submit to a mechanical, math-defined atomic explanation. Or is there another way of seeing?

Raw-Wisdom View of Alzheimer's Causes  

Our "raw-wisdom" view of the causes of Alzheimer's disease is thus quite different because we subscribe to an essentially different core vision. As a result, we propose that Alzheimer's dementia, and other forms of dementia, can be reversed once on makes this inner vision shift. People with Alzheimer's can be turned around, but again not via typical Alzheimer's medications or Alzheimer's medicine protocols. It is rather and solely by means of a more authentic enlightenment, an understanding of Alzheimer's causes and/or what really is the nature of a consciousness ailment. 

Throughout my writings and presentations I personally discuss how, at the age of 17, I had a very high fever. This had an impact similar to a stroke. It caused my left brain to shut down and I saw the world in a different, right-brain dominant, ideology-stripped (thus "raw" way) and which was also holistic. The experience was thus ultimately enlightening because the right brain is the seat of wisdom, the left-brain not.

Dementia, from the perspective of that inner experience, appeared to me and unmistakably as "an illness of consciousness." What I also learned is that most prevalent illnesses of our times - like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and arthritis stem from more than physical causes. They are ultimately illnesses of our vitality and thus also of our consciousness. Diabetes patients often suffer from a loss of feeling or a numbness in the extremities. Alzheimer's dementia and diabetes thus both involve consciousness ills.

That is why we can turn to the triumvirate of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and alkaline remedies and diets to reverse both such diseases simultaneously. This takes a little more explaining. Suffice to say that these three approaches help to rebuild out vitality. This is because they deal with the root and deepest cause, the foundational loss of aliveness and not the surface symptoms or the surface illusions. Modern medicine follows the ideology that surface illusions are always pierced via lab protocols that are accurately measured or mathematized. I have explained in my writings why this is  not valid - or only true when designing and testing machines but not true universally nor in the healing of our minds, emotions and bodies or the whole of the healing arts.

Ultimately the essence of our whole world is composed, in my view, of the fluidity of what is the experience of consciousness. It is only on the surface level that the world appears made up of "separate forms of hardness," or of matter defined mathematically. The reason why western civilization is not really advancing in dealing with Alzheimer's dementia is exactly because we lack the inner tools to see past-the-surface-appearances, or lack a more illusion-piercing understanding. The typical doctor follows the ideologies taught in medical school and as influenced by grants from pharmaceutical giants. He or she typically has not well healed or trained their own consciousness to be able to heal the consciousness of their patients. That is why chronic ailments in our culture are so out of control and growing in prevalence.

Consciousness and life, in my experience, form the very foundation and essence of all of nature and not what manifests in machines or is defined mathematically as presented in the ideology of nature that has been dominant since the 17th century. Thus if a person has a car accident, and an arm is severed, a surgeon can easily treat that condition in a mechanical way - like a mechanic pulls out and replaces a machine part to make the machine run better. But the same surgeon is relatively helpless in reversing a "consciousness illnesses" like Alzheimer's dementia.

He or she may turn to his medical colleagues or a group professional consensus to supposedly gather objectivity. But this does not happen when the whole group follows the very same false ideology. Then everyone repeats the same mistakes in unison. They all prescribe drugs, surgery and radiation for systemic, depth, chronic consciousness ailments (not just emergencies like car accidents) - and evidencing a mechanical orientation throughout.  But how can the surgical/allopathic approach work so well, be life saving sometimes, and yet be grossly ineffective elsewhere? This is because the surface and depths of nature, and thus of ourselves, actually work in polar opposite ways.  Consider the following principles:  

A) The Root Oneness - Suppose what we experience as "consciousness" makes up again the real unifying essence of all of nature both in and around us. To reiterate, the philosophy of raw-wisdom sees this consciousness as "the potentially universal relationship of connection in all of nature, connecting everything (exemplified by whole living organisms connected as a whole). What is life then brings out this "consciousness essence" of nature. A machine made of separate parts does not bring out this essence, but the opposite. A bulldozer does not feel pain in lifting a rock. It is not alive.  Otherwise living, consciousness-connected organisms cry, feel pain and die when physically cut apart or when their love, a connective emotion, is progressively hurt.  Consciousness ailments occur precisely and distinctly when our memory fails to connect memories in the present. Or we cannot connect one past event to another or see very simple ties. We even can't recognize whole connected images, figures, or even the faces of loved ones we've lived with for half a century! The breakdowns of consciousness are intense! Because, once again, consciousness forms this universal relationship of connection, it is at the taproot or the very deepest basis for our at-oneness and that of nature's at-oneness - and for living organisms thus their wholeness and health. That is why consciousness forms what we call "nature's true essence" - and not at all the mechanical order. Besides it is irrational to connect a vision of nature using the highest abstractions of separation. The re-establishment and nurturing of our connective consciousness directly does more than just turn around surface symptoms.

B)  Root Surface Duality (and Depth Non-Duality) - There is a duality in consciousness because one cannot connect without something prior being separate, and vice versa. The essence of consciousness is thus never stagnant. It is alive and tends to also split in just two fundamental directions - the separative and connective (or the to-and-from-directions relative to nature's consciousness-born underlying oneness, this singularity). I express all of this very, very abstractly because there is no other way to say this. Please don't feel unmoored as a result. Nothing is more abstract than to talk about than nature's oneness, and also nature's first duality/two-ness. Nevertheless, we must try to understand these primary elements if we seriously want to turnaround consciousness ailments. For these two most universal principles  are the most vital to know to fathom deep insights. Also our proposed primary duality of nature is similar to the yin yang view of ancient China, but I believe it is a little more distilled. A slight difference in a universal or mountain-peak perspective yields greatly different results in the details of life's living. This especially applies to the healing arts because healing is the ultimate process of connecting and reconnecting to wholeness. Without a clearest of clear universal views, we cannot fully heal. Neither the patient nor the physician, struggling with illusions, can heal. Both are misdirected toward surface details and symptoms. Both have then lost sight of root causes of things, and especially in dealing with Alzheimer's treatments.

Secondly we must consider quite seriously abandoning the most important root duality of our times, of the whole of the western mindset. This refers to the belief that matter and energy (defined mathematically) form the dualistic essence of nature. This duality is to be math reunited as in Einstein's famous formula.  Matter and energy thus form the primary duality in the modern worldview ideology. This vision was, in my perspective, unwisely created and systematized in the 17th century. The seed was planted for what now is bearing fruit. Our alternative view, and using the connective/separative first duality, offers for me a deeper and more integral understanding. This duality also, as I see it, creates the two fundamental forms of consciousness we experience in our lives, the two that polarize into what is usually called a right/left brain split. The right brain tunes into connective consciousness. It can recognize whole faces and wholes in general. The left-brain tunes into separative consciousness or the details, the surface appearances, the illusions, the relative corruptions of consciousness, and what appears step-by-step as sequentially and mechanical.

Deep Flaws

The reason why our modern, left-brain dominant worldview is so off-base is very simple. First math symbols, which create the soul of the Renaissance/modern worldview, tend to abstract how to separate all elements of consciousness and thus form the pinnacle guides for that form of awareness. But if consciousness more truly forms the universal relationship of connection in nature, we can predict that the mathematical view will screw up our world royally. It will undermine life and consciousness and dramatically so in the long run. This was not so in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when the employment of machines replaced slavery and the need to do mechanical chores. We avoided a negative. Such a double negative forms a positive. But when mechanicality and similarly designed things are unleashed to the depths of nature, we start to replace and harm life and consciousness (polluting our environment globally). Thus ultimately we end up in BIG trouble. This is why multiple-drugged Alzheimer's patients have their inner world globally polluted and walk the halls of nursing homes like zombies. This is why a large random mix of chemicals will very distinctly pollute land sites or will kill all of life in an organic compost heap. This is why we must - not maybe - turn more to living organics and to detox out synthetic chemicals, not take them in (no matter what the sales pitch) and in order to reverse consciousness ailments.

Understanding this "why" is critical. It is a filtering down from a new mountain-peak worldview that reties together vision around a different model as a whole. Otherwise we won't really turnaround our ways. We stay trapped in the old, falling-apart vision and move toward precipitous cliffs. We move to our own self-destruction and that of life on earth. This is why doctors turn to chemicals to heal even themselves, not knowing better and following the dictates of a false ideology. This ideology teaches them nutrition isn't all that important, and that organics are optional. Detoxes are then also unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When we thus mind-openly ingest multiple drugs or chemicals (which of course are math-designed and again follow the same ideology which makes a marriage with money-making) and when those chemicals enter thus freely into our bodies to supposedly heal all cells, the effect is really opposite on the whole. There may be some isolated symptom modulation or change in surface appearances. The ultimate effect, however, is consciousness-separative, and thus consciousness lowering and devitalizing. This is why we have such growing pandemics of chronic ailments treated by drugs that do not really cure. Pains may be numbed so that we feel superficially "better." But actually our aliveness is vastly impeded. We slip into yet deeper valleys of the shadow, unconsciousness or lowered levels of vitality. This is why again the patients of many nursing homes and hospices die a slow death on the providers' favorite drug cocktails. What is Alzheimer's disease is not at all understood by just reading Gray's Anatomy or wearing a white coat and putting on some stethoscope to psychologically impact the unwary. 

Because we really fail to understand some such deep truths, life-forms on earth are wholesale dying. We are indeed in the midst of what I cannot but call an "eco-holocaust." This is an apt phrase with 25%-50% of all species expected to become extinct in the next hundred years or by the end of just this century. To stop this whole horrible process, and to likewise to stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease, the very first and most meaningful step is to challenge our core and taproot worldview. This is the single and most critical step. Everything else can then follow thereafter and from the mountain top view down. In order to cure Alzheimer's and dementia we have to first fathom what is consciousness and its very, very  special healing role in nature. It is really the force and relationship that connects us to our own wholeness to keep us alive.

Keys to Healing

The most important forms of healing thus begin with our mind and its core beliefs. Raw-wisdom thus sees, first and foremost, the need to again and again step outside the established shadowy vision and thereby back into the light.  We've posted a few  articles  to help make this mind shift.  Then we are better guided to elicit out of the whole nature, including our bodies and our brains and our neurons what is life and connective consciousness, rather than the opposite essence  (and which draws out mechanical unconsciousness and ultimately death).

Certain vital steps can be taken to so elicit this life and consciousness out of the bosom of nature and ourselves, and derivatively the whole of our bodies and also that of our dearest loved ones.

  • First we must stop taking pharmaceuticals and wean ourselves away both physically, psychologically and spiritually.  Approaches steeped in cultural unconsciousness cannot bring true consciousness back into our bodies. Don't be fooled and deceived!

  • We take in more of what is "life" in nature, especially by adopting a revolutionary raw or living-foods organic, unprocessed diet. As to the importance of raw nutrition for Alzheimer's patients, as well as physical and mental exercise, we recommend, for starters Brian Clement's short video as it addresses the treatment of Alzheimer's disease naturally.

    For seniors the above two approaches are a beginning start, but not enough to really reverse Alzheimer's stages because of a lifetime of following a body-polluting path. Next we need to also engage in serious reversals. 

  • We alkalize and pursue anti-oxidating and anti-inflammatory remedies and diets. This is because these go directly toward reawakening life and consciousness. Among Alzheimer's activities we recommend meditation and gentle exercise (plus adequate sleep) to also alkalize and "unfire"our whole mind--body-spirit terrain to heal.

  • We detox, fast, juice feast and have regular far infrared saunas. We want to not only avoid but remove what our livers, kidneys, lungs and skin have valiantly tried to remove - but have been overwhelmed by the inundations of our culture.

    Juice Feasting


Just as water brings life and consciousness out of a seed, so it does within us.

However, pure water fasts should be done under a doctor's supervision. A gentler approach is juice fasting or feasting. It helps to both cleanse and rebuild the body at the same time. With juice feasting we take in fresh, raw, organic juices and hardly anything else throughout the day. This offers a golden road to reverse Alzheimer's disease and forms of dementia. For more information see

You can also go to holistic spas like
The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center or the Hippocrates Institute to learn about the best of alternative living food approaches. These approaches help call the life force of consciousness back out of our bodies - the opposite of the impact of synthetic drugs. If you go to either of these spas, let them know we referred you.

With juice feasting, it is recommended you use purely raw, living, vegetable-based, organic, whole and low-glycemic foods - and for reasons that belong to a non-mechanistic, life-centered worldview. Note that fluids are always more "connective" in their physical manifestations (dive into an ocean and the waters reconnect as you leave). Fluids have thus the potential, especially water bring out consciousness. This is why our bloodstream can penultimately house our life force, provided it is alkaline. Therefore also fluid nutrition is the more powerful way to overcome deep consciousness illnesses – including all the various forms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia with different physical symptoms.

Diet Changes

We advocate living, raw, organic, whole nutrients to build up the body and its living consciousness.

Because the different forms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia are really one disease (manifesting in various surface ways), as we reorient the Alzheimer's care to include a radical change in diet, to correspond with our radical change in worldviews. Our diet becomes more living.  Brain cells are then rebuilt with living materials. Again we recommend mostly raw, living, organic, vegan and alkaline foods in our diet. Some sources of information on this approach are the works of Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Robert O. Young. Also see our directory of raw food sites & nutritional research studies & super-recipes . Take advantage of our affiliates that also promote living-food products, aides and other help and inspirations we recommend. As we follow this lead,  new brain cells form to harbor living consciousness which is their birthright.

The Challenge

If you or a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, we challenge you to learn more about Alzheimer's disease being treated naturally. We challenge you to take seriously the above unconventional advice. If two-thirds or more of individuals in our society are suffering from serious chronic ailments as statistics indicate, do you really want to be part of the conventional crowd?

Let this message also go out to your local Alzheimer's support groups. This means serious lifestyle changes need to be considered rather than popping pills to feed pharmaceutical profits and then eating junk foods laced with chemicals and processed to death the rest of the time. Some of these changes may be psychologically challenging, especially for the elderly, and if they are very set in their ways. Thus showing Alzheimer's patients some caring and loving transitions may be necessary. Keep focused and committed. Don't lose faith. You are beginning on the path of stepping into the light and helping others. When you then experience a dramatic turnaround yourself, or of a loved one, please let us know. Send us your testimonials and/or videos. We want Alzheimer's sufferers to have real hope and not further deceptions. Thus write back to us at
to again tell us your story about your challenges with Alzheimer's disease experiences, and so we can further inspire others to also walk the path to the light.







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